Faltu 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Mittals confronting Ayaan about the truth while the latter tells that he saw a girl in need and so helped her. Meanwhile, Tanisha questions why he went out of the house after their engagement. He gets silent while Sid smirks thinking that his plan will work.

Whereas, Ayaan looks at the entrance and says that he went to bring Rujula. Everyone looks at the door and gets stunned seeing her coming inside the house. He goes towards her and brings her inside holding her shoulder. He proclaims that any function is incomplete without all the family members.

Faltu 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update
Faltu 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Here, Ayaan recalls how he took Faltu to Rujula’s house. She opened the door and get shocked to see him along with Faltu and asked about her. They get inside her house and Ayaan is notified of everything about Faltu.

He also tells about her talent and his promise to Charan. Rujula feels proud of Ayaan and shows her support towards Faltu. She proclaims to give shelter to the latter and motivates her stating that soon she will fulfill all her dreams.

Faltu becomes emotional seeing their love and support. She gets teary eyes and proclaims to make Ayaan proud. She declares that she will surely fulfill all the dreams Ayaan has seen for her, while the latter shows his confidence in her. Rujula also learns about Ayaan’s engagement and asks him to go back to his home. He denies it and asks her to come along with him.

Elsewhere, Rujula gets into thinking while Ayaan tries to convince her. He proclaims that the celebration is incomplete without her and requests her to come with him. Meanwhile, Rujula’s husband also comes there and greets Faltu and Ayaan. She congratulates him on his engagement with Tanisha and recalls her to be his childhood friend.

Rujula’s husband asks Ayaan to rush to his house or else there will be a problem. He determines to take Rujula along with him and the latter finally agrees and goes to get dressed. Ayaan confronts his family and asks if he had done anything wrong. To which Savita denies and shows her support towards him. She proclaims that Rujula is the daughter of the Mittal family and that her presence is necessary.

Ahead, Ayaan feels bad for hiding the truth from his family and decides that he will notify them about the matter when the moment will be right. Whereas, Janardan declares that Ayaan hasn’t done anything wrong and tells Kanika that he always has faith in his son. She nods agreeing with him, while Tanisha says that there are still things that are unclear to her.

She proclaims that it can create misunderstanding between them and takes Ayaan inside to clarify it. Sid gets elated seeing Tanisha in confusion. Whereas, whereas Faltu gets ill and suffers from a high fever. Rujula’s husband gets concerned for her and gets shocked seeing her high temperature. He decides to inform Ayaan about it but Faltu stops him and reminds him about the engagement ceremony.

Faltu 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

She assures him that she will get fine and then ask for his help to switch on the phone. She calls her father and gets delighted upon talking to him. Further, Faltu tells her whereabouts to her parents and they get happy for her. Meanwhile, Ratan’s wife hears their conversation and notifies Pappi and her husband about it. They confront Charan and ask about Faltu.

He requests him to leave his daughter but Pappi reminds him about his insult and declares to take revenge on Faltu. He calls her and threatens to bring her back to Ittarpur forcefully. He also proclaims to ruin Ayaan’s mart whole Faltu gives a befitting reply to him. Later, she gets worried thinking about Ayaan’s business.

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