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Gokulathil Seethai 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Gokulathil Seethai 14th June 2021 Written Update: Anand gets doubtful about the situation.
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Gokulathil Seethai 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Gokulathil Seethai The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Meenatchi speaking with Vasu. Vasu points out Meenatchi’s disrespect towards her. Meenatchi asks why did she lie to Anand. Vasu gets scared and asks what lie. Meenatchi says that her parents said they are going to Chengalpattu but she lied that they have gone to temple. She asks if they were really kidnapped as said by Anand. Vasu panics while Meenatchi shows her fake concern towards. She says her brother will help so but Vasu leaves declining her help.

Vasu is worried about her parents. She recalls the happy times they spent there. She’s worried whether her mother would have took medicine on time else she would suffer wheezing. Here, Tulasi starts coughing and suffers wheezing. Hari calls out for help as she’s suffering to breathe. The kidnappers comes there and Hari pleads them for medicine. They decide to give it for the sake of keeping them alive. They give medicine and Tulasi calms down a bit. Vasu is pacing to and fro when the door bell rings. She opens the door to find Arjun. She welcomes her in. She asks what’s in his hand. He asks her why didn’t she say about the money transferred in the bank and kidnapped her and Uthaman for getting his appointment. Vasu states that she wanted to say that to him but he avoided her thinking that she’s going to ask about the box. Arjun asks if this is an excuse and scolds her for not saying right when the money got transferred. Vasu says he was busy with the new project which is why they tried dealing it among themselves. Arjun decides to teach them a lesson.

Tulasi struggles breathing and Hari calls out for the kidnapper. He asks inhaler for her to breathe. Kidnapper says that they know all their health problems and asks them to ask their daughter to do what they want. Hari agrees to do as they say and asks them for inhaler. They gives it. Vasu says Arjun that they are just asking for appointment and once they meet them they can understand their intentions. Arjun agrees with her and gives appointment. He calls for Tulasi and Vasu panics. She asks what’s the matter and says that his friend sent a good medicine for wheezing from abroad and thus he came to give it. She lies that they have gone to temple and takes the medicine from him. Arjun is about to leave when kidnappers call Vasu. Vasu ‘s parents plead her to do as per they say while the kidnappers snatches the phon from them. Arjun finds her tensed and puts the call on speaker. He hears the kidnappers asking about the appointment and Vasu says she got it. They gets happy and cuts the call. Vasu pleads Arjun to not speak harsh with them in order to know their motive. Arjun agrees. He apologizes Vasu for denying her last wish to show the box.

Ilamaran calls his uncle for food when he says he reminds him of his father Visu. Ila says that he will Jk groups on their Silver Jubilee which is also coincidentally his father’s death anniversary. He calls Meenatchi who says about Vasu being traumatised as hell. They decide to use it to their good and make Vasu fall in front of everyone’s eyes. She plans something so that once Vasu leaves they can easily destroy Jk groups. Iniya and Paati finds Vasu going to Arjun’ s bedroom and Arjun locking the door. He forwards the box to Vasu.

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