Google Pixel 7a detail leak, can get the best features ever – Google Pixel 7a launch with high refresh rate display and many high end features check details here


Google Pixel 7a It is eagerly awaited. In the coming days, news about the features of the phone keeps coming out. Now it has been revealed in the latest leaked report that Google’s upcoming phone Pixel 7a will get those high-end features, which are not yet available in any of the A-Series phones.

In an attempt to make the Google Pixel Series phones an affordable option, the company has left behind many good features and amenities. However, now the company is ready to offer one-to-one great features with its next Pixel phone without making any compromises. Come, read below to know in detail.

Google Pixel 7a

It has been in the news ever since developer Kuba Wojciechowski spotted the codename Lynx (L10) in the source code of Android 13 QPR1 beta 1. It was then speculated that the mystery device could be the Pixel Ultra or the Pixel Mini. However, now a new leak by Wojciechowski has revealed that the device is in fact the Pixel 7a.

The developer via Twitter has claimed that they have tested the device’s camera drivers. During the investigation, they got a refresh of Pixel 22 Midrange vs Pixel 22 Premium on Pixel 7/Pro. Looks like they are working on it with Pixel 7a.

A high refresh rate display will be available on the phone

Wojciechowski says that he has learned from sources that the Pixel 7a could feature a 1080p display with a 90Hz refresh rate. This refresh rate will be the highest refresh rate ever found on Google Pixel A Series phones. Apart from this, the device is expected to come with 5W wireless charging support. If this happens, it will also be the first time in this series of phones.

Not only this, but this time people can also see changes in the camera setup of Google Pixel 7a. According to reports, the Lynx GN1 may come with IMX787 and IMX712 lenses. However, Wojciechowski says that the GN1 has been deprecated and the camera sensors are now in the form of “l10_wide” (IMX787) and “l10_UW” (IMX712). There is no telephoto lens in the camera setup.

Google has not yet made any announcement regarding the launch date of the phone. Other information related to launching and features can be revealed in the future.