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Guppedantha Manasu 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Guppedantha Manasu 5th July 2021 Written Update: Vasudhara tells about Sireesh to Madhavi
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Guppedantha Manasu 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Guppedantha Manasu Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Guppedantha Manasu 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update…..

The episode begins with Rishi driving the car. Vasudhara tells him that her sister told her that he met Rajiv and asks him as to why did he meet him to which Rishi tells her that he will tell her once they reach. Vasudhara wonders as ro where he is taking her and is about to ask him but he orders her not to ask him as to where he is taking her. Vasudhara stays silent. Rishi stops the car on a particular place and asks her to get down but her seat belt gets struck. She is not able to open it and thinks he is not even helping her.

Rishi says she should have asked him for help and helps her but in the process his watch gets struck with her dupatta. She is not able to free it and thinks he should offer to help while Rishi thinks she is not even asking help and himself frees the dupatta from his watch. Vasudhara says it’s his watch that’s why it listened to him to which he says the dupatta is hers then it should have listened to her then says she won’t listen to anyone then how will her dupatta. They get down of the car to see a beautiful marigold field.

Vasudhara asks him as to why did Rajiv meet him to which he says he met Rajiv. He tells her that he knows his intentions but to know them he offered to repay his all debts and gave him time to think. He says he should have asked her before meeting but he was just concerned for her. Vasudhara denies the money but Rishi asks her to repay it later. Vasudhara requests him to be careful with her brother in law and asks him to take help from Sireesh which makes him furious and tells her that he does what he likes. Vasudhara says that the place is beautiful and asks to walk a little but he says he has work.

Vasudhara comes home to see Jagathi cutting Vegetables who asks her for helpbas she invited Mahindra but Vasudhara says she will cook whole food and starts working not letting her do anything.

Rishi comes home in bad mood. Devayani asks him as to why he is dull but he denies and asking Darani for coffee leaves from there. When Darani tells Devayani about changing behaviour she asks her to leave.

Vasudhara prepares the whole food all by herself not letting Jagathi help her as she wants to do it by herself. Vasudhara sets the dishes on the dining table.

Mahindra is leaving when he gets a call from his brother asking to meet but Mahindra denies. Rishi sees him and asks him but Mahindra says he is invited somewhere else and leaves from there.

Rishi is drinking coffee when Darani comes there and tells him not to make his heart a store room. Rishi is thinking about Vasudhara and her wish to walk on the field.

Mahindra comes into the house, they both welcome him. Mahindra says more their welcome the aroma of the food is welcoming him. Jagathi and Vasudhara smile happily. The Screen Freezes On Jagathi and Vasudhara..

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