Here’s a list of things that make men insecure in a committed affair

Here’s a list of things that make men insecure in a committed affair
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Insecurity in a relationship is not an uncommon thing. Right from bad past experiences to multiple fears- there could be varied reasons that make a person vulnerable to insecurities, holding them back from establishing a safe and deep connection with their loved one. If you are dating someone, then it’s extremely vital to pay heed to the things that add up to their feeling of being safe and, on the contrary, what is even more important is knowing the uncertainties of that person for a happy love life. Most men don’t know about hidden insecurities that lie within and continue to play cool on the outside so that their girlfriend won’t put a tag of oh-not-so-sophisticated thinkers on them: becoming extremely difficult to find out the problems, causes and ways to move past them. To tackle this problem at all once, here we bring you a list of the most common things that makes a man insecure while in a relationship.

1. Lover complementing another guy

This goes even without saying, a guy is most insecure when his girlfriend compliments Any. Other. Guy! Just like the women, men also want to be the centrepiece in the life of their girlfriend and they usually expect that their women dive deep into the love and ignore or maintain boundaries with another guy. Therefore, when her women pay interest or compliment another guy, it often stirs up feelings of insecurities. Ladies, make sure to communicate this out with your man if you have a lot of male friends in your life.

Lover complementing another guy

2. Hard experiences in the past

This is one of the most-horror things that can eat a man from inside. If your man has recently gone through an ugly break-up, the bitter experience of the past isn’t going to leave him so easily: this will ghost him or make him feel intimidated for lots and lots of days (even months). This can even make him judge everything and he might go on validating their fallacies. If such is the case, control the damage beforehand by sorting out or making him believe the notion that “not every woman is the same.”

3. Getting all cosy up to shredded male friends

When you are surrounded by guys who have healthy built and pretty faces, then it becomes pretty difficult for your man to swallow this thing in their head. Even if they accept that, it always goes into the background that his women will leave him for that smartly draped guy. So, hey, shout out to all the ladies who have plenty of guy friends, hear us loud and clear. Just be open and honest about it beforehand with your man because lying just leaves space for the toxic aftermath of endless doubts. Embrace some cute gestures to tell your man that he is different and special.

Closeness to shredded male friends

4. Taking the lane of secrets

Honesty is the best policy even in relationships! Following the rule of K.I.S.S. (keep it short and simple) while communicating with your man is something always appreciated. Even if you are an introvert, never keep any secrets from your partner as it will only lead up to clutter, confusion and fights. Do dedicate time to share each and every little detail of things you had in your day.

Taking the lane of secrets

5. Getting ignored by the girlfriend’s friends

Oopsie, this can not only make your partner insecure but it can also hurt their ego badly. Guys always want to be seen with their girlfriend’s friends. Not only seen, but they also look out for the words of appreciation from their girlfriend’s near and dear ones or else they can easily question their importance in the life of their women. If any of your friends do not like your man, then go open with him and assure him that you both will find a way to deal with this.

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