House contender Biaggi accused of ageism for ‘child bearing age’ tweet

House contender Biaggi accused of ageism for ‘child bearing age’ tweet
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Female political leaders in the 17th Congressional District are accusing Democratic candidate Alessandra Biaggi of ageism for suggesting last month that women past “child bearing age” wouldn’t be effective legislators.

“At the risk of sounding ageist, it’s still important to ask: when a majority of Congress is past child-bearing age, how fierce can we expect their fight to be?,” Biaggi asked in a July 5 tweet that is now spreading like wildfire in the newly drawn district that takes in parts of Westchester County, all of  Rockland and Putnam counties and parts of Dutchess County.

Biaggi attempted to clean up her miss in a subsequent tweet, adding: “And let me be [very] clear: it’s not that we don’t need our elders in office, it’s that they are well represented and must make space for younger leaders.”

The Senator’s tweet has drawn backlash from female political leaders.
Alessandra Biaggi attends The Fashion Act Rally
Alessandra Biaggi attends The Fashion Act Rally on February 12, 2022 in Manhattan.
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“This is age discrimination and sex discrimination.” said 82-year-old Putnam County Assemblywoman Sandra Galef.

“I was elected to the Assembly when I was 52.  I was of post-child bearing age. Why would she say this? The people who vote are 50 and older. Why would you want to divide people by age?,” added Galef, who said she’s supporting Biaggi’s rival, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, for the Democratic nomination.

“It’s discrimination.” 

Westchester County Democratic Party Chairwoman Suzanne Berger, 65, called Biaggi’s statement “misguided” and added that it “shows a lack of maturity.”

“We’ve been working to elevate all women, not just women under 40,” added Berger, who is also backing Maloney. “The statement is untrue and unwise politically.”

The Yonkers teachers’ union also reprimanded the 36-year-old Biaggi, who is backed by socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the leftist Working Families Party.

“@Biaggi4NY Not cool. Many of our members marched in the streets before you were born. Disappointing. @spmaloney,” the Yonkers Federation of Teachers said in a response.

Veteran political consultant Jennifer Cunningham tweeted, “Screw [email protected] I’m past child rearing age and I am more of a lifelong fierce fighter than you will ever be.”

Biaggi’s tweet resurfaced after a pro-Maloney group called “Hudson PAC” recently sent out mailers reminding voters of her remark. She defended her original tweet following the blowback.

“Hudson PAC thanks for sharing one of my finest tweets w/voters in NY-17 who believe that age diversity in our leaders is quite important for results,” she said in a Monday tweet with a smile and  heart emoji.

“Alessandra Biaggi believes our government should be as diverse as our country — including racial, economic, gender and age diversity,” Biaggi campaign spokeswoman Monica Klein told The Post, “which is why we need more young people in Congress, just as we need more women, working people and people of color.”

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