How Mythic Legends re-invents the auto-battler

How Mythic Legends re-invents the auto-battler
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Mythic Legends is an epic fantasy mobile game that, thanks to its clever asynchronous multiplayer set-up, will never be an epic drain on your time. You can drop in and out of tournaments whenever you please, meaning it’s as ideally suited to quick, five-minute bursts as it is to whole evenings of perfecting your battle strategy and climbing the ranks.

The premise of Mythic Legends is similar to that of other auto-battlers: you and your opponent each position a team of units on a chessboard-like battlefield, then sit back and watch them duke it out to the death. The major – not to mention mobile-friendly – difference in Mythic Legends is that the players competing in a Tournament don’t have to be online at the same time. The game records each players’ teams and formations as it goes along, and pits you against these saved opponents. Each player can strategize at their own pace, be it impulsively or methodically wearing down their opponents forces.

Mythic Legends

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With no time pressure, strategy fans who prefer to indulge in a long period of chin stroking before making any tactical decisions will find the perfect opportunity to plan out their master stroke in Mythic Legends. As the MOBA evolved from the RTS genre, and auto-battlers in turn evolved from MOBAs, so too does Mythic Legends represent a new stage of evolution, rewarding genuine strategic thinking and not just quick wits.

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