How to Apply for High Security Registration Plates

How to Apply for High Security Registration Plates in Delhi: All You Need to Know
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How to Apply for High Security Registration Plates

High security registration plates (HSRP) has been made mandatory by Delhi Transport Department for all vehicle owners in the national capital. HSRPs and colour-coded stickers must be present on all vehicles sold before April 2019. Violators could be fined up to Rs. 10,000. The application process is pretty easy and you only need to keep the registration certificate (RC) of your ride handy before you apply for the registration plate. In this article, we detail what an HSRP is and how to apply for an HSRP online. Read on to know more.

What is a high-security registration plate (HSRP)?

An HSRP features a chromium-based hologram that is applied on the top left corner of the number plates both at the front and back. Under the hologram, there is a country identification mark “IND,” and just below that there is laser-engraving of a permanent consecutive identification number. The numbers are hammered on a retro-reflective sheeting and covered in “black India foil.” The HSRP is fixed with the help of snap locks. Benefits of getting an HSRP include curbing sale of illegal plates, vehicle theft, and vehicle-borne crime.

How to apply for HSRP online? The process of applying for an HSRP online is quite simple. You just need the RC of your vehicle handy before you start the process.

  • Log on to and you will be greeted with two options on the screen. While the first option allows you to book an appointment for the HSRP and colour sticker, the second one is for those who only want to apply for a colour sticker.
  • Click on the option on the left which is for applying an HSRP and colour sticker.
  • On the next screen, you will have to fill in the details such as State, Registration Number of your vehicle, Chassis and Engine numbers as well as a Captcha to start the process of booking an appointment.
  • After filling the details, press Click Here, and the site will display the details like Bharat Stage (BS), vehicle registration date, fuel-type, maker, category, and vehicle type. Check and match them with the details on your RC.
  • Scroll down and fill in the contact details, billing address and press Next.
  • You will be again greeted with two options. First one allows you to get the HSRP delivered to your home. If you want to get the HSRP delivered to your home, you will be charged Rs. 250. Otherwise, choose to visit a dealer to get the HSRP fixed on your vehicle.
  • On the next screen, punch in your pin code in the box in order to find a dealer nearest to your location, and the address of the nearest one will be displayed.
  • Confirm the dealer, and on the next screen, fill in the details like the date you want to visit the dealer, and the preferred time slot. Some slots may not be available.
  • After confirming the details on the screen, you have to pay a sum and punch in your mobile number on which you will be receiving SMS and OTP related to the HSRP-fitting process.
  • After the payment, you will get an acknowledgement receipt that can later be shown to a traffic personal when asked.

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