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How To Find Out Covid- 19 General And ICU Beds In Delhi

How To Find Out Covid- 19 General And ICU Beds In Delhi
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How To Find Out Covid- 19 General And ICU Beds In Delhi

Despite the fact that the Delhi Government has launched several measures to control the spread of the COVID-19 cases, the second wave has forced people to share their hospital beds. Notably, the Government has already converted several hotels and banquets into extended COVID-19 facilities.

The Delhi Government also launched an app, which allows people to find out the availability of beds, ICU beds, and ICU beds without ventilators. The app has been designed to offer all information regarding the availability of the beds. But still, you are looking for ways to use the app or to find the bed, then we are enlisting all steps.

Steps To Find Out Covid Beds

Step 1: You need to install the application, which is already available on the Play Store and App Store.

Step 2: Then, you can see the availability of Covid-19 beds and ICU beds. Besides, the app allows you to see a total and occupied bed in both general and the ICU wards.

Other Details Of The Delhi Corona Application: Check Details

Apart from checking the status of beds, the application allows you to check the hospital name. You are also allowed to check the status of the beds on the app and for that, you need to click on the vacant option. Then, it will redirect you to the page, which will show you all details of hospitals, the last updated status, total, and vacant sections on the screen. The app also shows the contact details of the hospital, which allows you to call the hospital.

Other Features Of The Delhi Corona Application: Check Details

It is worth noting that the app has been divided into green, yellow, and red colour sections. According to the application, all hospital has been segregated in three segments. The yellow colour means that beds are limited, while the red colour means there are no beds, and the green colour means that beds are available. Besides, it enables you to see all updates about confirmed cases, active, recovered, health bulletin, and death in India. It also shows tests conducted in Delhi, find shelter, e-pass, and ration options.

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