How to Win Fortnite Deathstroke Skin in Season 6: Deathstroke Zero Cup Tournament Timing, Rewards, Login Details and more

Fortnite Deathstroke Zero Cup Tornament: How to win skin, rewards and more
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Fortnite crossover with DC is yet again being stretched for good. The Battle Royale title is getting a DC supervillain, Deathstroke. Epic Games have officially announced that the Fortnite Deathstroke will be ‘hitting the island’ with its own skin, and cosmetics. Moreover, there will be a Zero Cup as well that players will get to compete in. Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament, and how you can unlock the new skin. Also Read – Epic Games vs Apple: Epic could pull a surprising victory after Tim Cook’s testimony

Deathstroke Zero Cup: What is it, when is it happening?

Fortnite Deathstroke Zero Cup is a solo tournament where players can compete and get a chance to win Deathstroke’s Zero costume and katanas. Also Read – Top 5 Battlegrounds Mobile India alternatives you can play right now

The tournament will kick off on May 27 at 3 PM EDT (3:30 AM IST) and will continue for three hours. Participants will be able to compete in up to 10 matches. Also Read – Epic Games next partnerships could bring The Rock, LeBron James to Fortnite

How to sign up for Deathstroke Zero Cup?

While all these sound exciting, players are required to sign up to try the Fortnite Deathstroke Zero Cup tournament. Players will need to have two-factor authentication and at least up by level 30 to be eligible to compete.

Fortnite Deathstroke skin: How to unlock before it hits the Item Shop

As noted by IGN India, top-performers in each region will be able to unlock Deathstroke’s zero skin and katanas back bling. Players will have to outpace others by earning the ‘most points’ during the zero cup. As mentioned earlier, players will compete as a Solo and can score points through Victory Royales or Eliminations. Here’s the core scoring system.
Victory Royale: 30 points
Second: 25 points
Third: 22 points
Fourth: 20 points
Fifth: 19 points
Sixth: 17 points
Seventh: 16 points
Eighth: 15 points
Ninth: 14 points
Tenth: 13 points

To note, the Deathstroke outfit will arrive in the Item Shop on June 1. Along with the skin, players will be able to find katanas back bling (which is basically a pickaxe) and Destroyer glider as well. To recall, DC’s Beast Boy joined Raven in Fornite earlier this month.

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