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Imlie 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Imlie 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Imlie The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Imlie 14th June 2021 Adi walks to Imlie to feed his birthday cake to her and stops seeing Malini coming. Family stands frowning while Imlie happily walks to her and says good she came. Adi greets her hi. She replies back and asks family how are they all, she didn’t know there is a party here. Radha comments how will she know what is happening in this house as she just wants to remember someone’s birthday. Aparna says her relationship hasn’t ended yet, but she already removed mangalsutra and sindhoor. Anu says she came here apologize them, don’t know if she can call them maa and papa, but she can’t end her relationship with her mother Anu;

they had to face humiliation because of Anu since she came in their house; she cannot change whatever happened, but she will make sure her mother doesn’t trouble them and requests to forgive them for the last time. Aparna walks away asking her to have sweets and go, followed by her whole team. Adi apologizes her. She wishes him happy birthday and requests not to get angry on his family as she deserves their bad treatment after what mom did to them. He says it was not her mistake, so she doesn’t have to apologize on her mom’s behalf. Tripathi/T Family sits for lunch.

Imlie walks to them asks why they rudely behaved with Malini. Sundar asks to calm down and have food. Imlie asks how can they have food after their rude act. Rupali asks if she doesn’t know what they went through. Imlie says it was Anu’s mistake and they know her nature, Malini always supported them against her family, but they pained her heart. Aparna says she is angry on Malini for betraying Adi and how can she forgive Malini for that. Imlie walks away.
Malini apologizes Adi for not bringing him gift. He says its okay and its good that she came. She says she brought 2 good news, one is Satyakam’s case hearing date is fixed and two is their divorce date will also be finalized soon. He says is it. She says bye and leaves with teary eyes.

Nishant cries remembering time spent with Pallavi and time spent with her, thinks he remembers the day when he held her hands and left them forever. Rupali asks him why is he not having anything. Pankaj says food is tasty, then why he is not having. Pankaj says he will take caterer’s address from Imlie. Adi walks to Imlie and says he didn’t feed her cake yet and wants her to gift him what he wants. She asks what he wants. He says her hand, he wants her to reveal their truth to family as he doesn’t want to lose her hand. She agrees. He takes her to family and tells them that he wants to tell them something. Pankaj asks if Malini said something. Adi says he wants to talk about him and should have done this long ago. Aparna asks what he wants to say.

Nishant collapses just then. Family rushes to him concerned. Doctor checks him. Pankaj says let us go out and let doctor test him. Radha denies. Pankaj says his BP must be low, so she need not worry. Doctor says h is condition is very serious and his leukemia has reached second stage. Family shocked asks what is he saying, he doesn’t have leukemia. Doctor repeats his cancer reached second stage. Radha says her son is fine. Pankaj says doctor is right, Nishant has leukemia and he found out just a few days ago. Harish asks if he doesn’t have right to know about his son, Pankaj grew up so big that he didn’t bother about him. Radha cries. Nishant says he was taking medicines and was trying to manage. Doctor writes prescription and leaves. Harish says he will not let Nishant go anywhere now.

Adi cries sitting in his room. Imlie walks to him and asks him not to bother about Nishant as they will get his treatment via best doctors. Adi says he knows he can, but how can he be so selfish that he couldn’t find out his brother’s problem. Imlie says Nishant asked her not to inform anyone. He asks when knew about it, why didn’t she inform him. She says Nishant took her promise not to inform anyone as he is worried for family. He says everyone is worried for each other in this family except him. She says he is a good human and its not difficult for him to become a good son and brother, so for the sake of family, he should stop becoming her good husband and stop his and Malini’s divorce for sometime, etc.

Telecast Date:14th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar

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