Imlie 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chini getting stabbed by a knife to save Imlie, Arto worries for her and asks Chini not to panic. He takes out the knife and his brother says the network is not working and he can’t even call the ambulance. Shivani lashes out at Imlie as she only arranged everything for the hawan and ruined it. How can she call robbers here? Imlie says she put full effort to arrange everything properly but she had no idea they are robbers.

Arto says they should focus on Chini right now instead of blaming Imlie. Imlie asks Chini why she came in between to save her. Chini starts acting and says that she is her sister. She thinks she knowingly took a risk to succeed in her plan and now noone can stop her from staying in Rana House. Arto says he will take her to the doctor. Chini says she can’t even move due to pain, she can’t go to the hospital. Arto lifts up Chini and takes her to the room. Imlie cries for her.

Imlie 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Rudra sees all that and gets shocked thinking Chini came here just to fulfill her motive, he tells Devika what Chini is up to. Imlie applies ointment on Chini’s wound. Chini asks her to do it slowly when someone says Imlie is feeling more pain than her sister. Imlie goes to talk to Rudra and Devika and they tell her to send Chini back home. Imlie says she can’t let Chini go in that state. Rudra says Imlie is not the doctor and she has other duties here too.

Devika says it’s their decision to not let Chini stay here now Imlie should decide. Kia tells Chini the latter literally got injured executing her plan. Chini says that sometimes people should take risks for big plans. She is sure Imlie is guilty and now she won’t let her leave the house. Kia says she should not expect much from Imlie. Chini looks confident but much to her shock Imlie and Atharv both ask her to leave the house.

Imlie says she is not a doctor and Chini needs to be treated in the hospital only. Arto also supports Imlie and Chini gets irked. Devika tells Imlie to pack some luggage as she will stay with Chini. Kia mocks Chini in mind. Divya feels Chini came here for some other motive. Arpita and Sundar talk about work and Rupy come to them. Rupy says she is feeling better. Sundar gets to know from Arto that Chini got stabbed.

Rupy feels guilty for doubting her. She says she has to apologize to Chini and she leaves to meet her with Sundar and Arpita. Chini wonders if Imlie can’t tell her to leave that easily, surely someone else is involved. Rudra takes a doctor’s appointment for Chini and says she is not Imlie’s real sister. He suggests Chini take a rest at her home. Chini thinks she won’t give up and devises another plan.

Imlie 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Jatin gets a text from Chini that she can’t live without him, she wants him to marry her after eloping together. He gets happy, Imlie sees the blood-stained kerchief and cries holding it. Arto comes to her and Imlie expresses her sorrow about how Chini means everything to her.

Her parents raised Chini and she feels their presence by being with her. Arto consoles Imlie saying it’s just a test and Chini will get better. Imlie holds his hand and thanks him for giving her strength. He says sometimes her words amaze him. She asks him to assure her that nothing will happen to Chini. He does so and they hug each other.