Imlie 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Arto supports Imlie

Imlie 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chini lying to everyone she wanted to drink water so she waited for Imlie, but the latter didn’t come thus she herself went to take water and fell down. Shivani blames Imlie for not being there for Chini to take care of her. Imlie says it’s her fault, she shouldn’t have left Chini alone. Arto says Imlie only came to give him coffee.

Imlie takes Chini to the room and Arto goes to practice. Kia taunts Chini saying the latter is great and since their aim is the same to throw Imlie out of the house she can take Kia’s help in doing so. Chini acts like she loves Arto and he doesn’t love Imlie so she too doesn’t want her to stay here. Kia laughs at him.

Imlie 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie forcibly makes Arto eat curd and sugar before leaving for work. He denies it but eats. His siblings tease them and there Imlie prepares Dalia for Chini when the latter asks her to make Alu Paratha. Imlie says she needs to eat light food this time. Imlie gets busy with work and Chini mixes some liquid in the Dalia.

Arto takes Rudra’s blessing but the latter taunts him for not handling the business. Chini smells the Dalia and says she can’t eat that as a strange smell comes from it. Imlie says Chini doesn’t like light food since childhood. Rudra says Chini should not disrespect food. Shivani smells that and says Chini is right. Divya says Imlie is careless like she last night left Chini alone.

Arto takes Imlie’s side that she can’t be wrong. He can prove that by eating the Dalia. He eats it and acts feeling uneasy. Everyone worries and Divya blames Imlie. Arto acts normal and adds nothing happened to him but the food is hot. it’s just a bit spicy.

Rudra says Chini should not doubt her sister again. Imlie tells Chini that she can never do wrong to her sister but it’s sad Chini doubted her intentions. Chini feels strange thinking she spiked the food but how Arto didn’t fall sick. He asks the house to help to make something else for Chini.

Imlie 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Arto goes to his room in hurry and vomits. Imlie becomes concerned for him and feels that Dalia was bad in real. She says that she didn’t mix anything in the food. Arto says he trusts her as his parents trust her. It must be someone else’s fault. He asks her not to tell anyone about the matter. She has to hide it. Imlie calls the doctor and learns vomiting will make him better. She goes to the kitchen to bring ginger.

Devika tries to mix the left ginger in the soup but Imlie catches it before it falls into the bowl. She goes to give it to Arto and he feels better. She blames herself as he missed his important meeting because of her carelessness. He wonders who can spike Chini’s food only. Imlie feels the same. She says she won’t let him miss this opportunity but she will bring it back to him.

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