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Imlie 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update

इमली 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित एपिसोड अपडेट - टेलली शो अपडेट
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Imlie 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Imlie The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Imlie 24th May 2021 Aditya talks to the lawyer and ends the call. Imlie comes there. Aditya asks about Mithi and asks if she slept. Imlie says she slept with difficulty. Adi asks her to sit and asks why did you lie to Inspector. Why you didn’t let me tell Inspector about you. Imlie says this news can be spread and can reach your home. Aditya says he will tell himself. Imlie asks about Malini. Aditya says I told her, she might have got the papers ready by now. Imlie says how to set my home breaking someone’s heart. Aditya tells that Malini is happy with someone and his name is Kunal Chauhan. Imlie says I didn’t believe and asks did you meet him? She says where was he when she was in the hospital. Aditya asks why Malini will lie to me? Imlie tells that Malini didi wants to sacrifice her love for you and tells that she don’t want her to do sacrifice. Aditya asks if she wants to do sacrifice herself.

He asks her to give him a chance to do justice with her and asks if she don’t love their relation. She says she will fulfill their relation all her life which was given by Sita maiyya and if she gets a chance then she will be his wife infront of the world. She asks him not to tell anything at home and says first Malini didi’s house will be set and then mine. She asks if he agrees. Aditya says whenever I thought you are wrong, you turn right and tells that he hopes that she is wrong this time. Malini thinks of Aparna and Tai ji and thinks they were concerned for her and came. She is about to apply sindoor and thinks of Aditya. She thinks she has to change her habit and thinks if she is angry at Aditya or Imlie. She thinks Imlie had suffered and didn’t ask for her rights too. She thinks to say sorry to Aditya’s family and hopes they forgive her.

Imlie asks Mithi why is she going now, and says Nani will not die soon. She offers to come with her. Mithi says Satyakam will feel bad if you leave studies and come with me, tells that she will go alone and asks her to be there. Adi tells that you are not going alone, but someone is with you, like you was always with him in his heart. Imlie asks her to feel mangalsultra strength and asks her not to feel weak. He says soon he will try to get him out. Mithi says I am leaving him on your support, and hugs Imlie. They hug. Mithi leaves in the bus. Adi looks at Imlie. Imlie says Amma returned. Aditya says lets go home. Imlie says I can’t go to that house, as nobody wants. Aditya says once everyone knows the truth then you will not need permission, that is your house. Imlie says I got down from everyone’s heart, until Malini’s life is sorted, I can’t come. Aditya says we will see later, and asks her to come home with him right now. He goes to bring his bike.

Malini is going out. Anu comes there and asks where is she going? Malini thinks Maa will not let me go, if I tell that I am going to apologize. She says she is going something related to her project. Imlie and Aditya come home. Imlie thinks why she has a feeling if she gets inside, then the house will break. Malini comes there in the car and thinks of Aditya’s words. Imlie recalls Malini’s words.

Malini comes to them. She recalls telling Imlie that sindoor shall not be in her maang again. She asks how is she? Imlie asks how are you? Malini looks on and asks her to come inside. Imlie says this house and the family members were yours. Malini says how, I had taken someone else place. Imlie asks her not to say this and touches her feet. Aditya asks Malini to make her understand and says Imlie is not ready to believe that there is someone else in your life. Malini says I love someone and I am happy that you are in Aditya’s life, I can give this house responsibility to you. She says I am sure that you will keep everyone happy. Aparna and Tai ji come out and see Aditya and Malini. They get happy. Tai ji says Aditya has brought Malini home. Malini says I came alone, Aditya brought Imlie. Aditya moves and they see Imlie standing. Aparna asks Malini to come inside.

Aditya asks Imlie to come inside. Tai ji says if she wants then will come. Malini asks Imlie to come. Aparna says lets go inside. Tai ji holds Adi’s hand and takes him inside. Aparna takes Malini inside. Imlie is left standing outside, and then she goes inside. Pankaj and Tau ji ask how are you to Malini. Sundar asks Imlie if she came also. Rupali hugs Imlie and asks her to come. Aparna asks Malini to clear everything with Aditya. Malini says everything is clear between us. Pankaj asks will you stay with us. Tai ji asks Pankaj to get all the stuff through sundar. Malini says she will stay in her mom’s house, until she completes the project as there was few people there. Aparna says you said right there is a crowd here. Aparna tells that if she wants then they can shift her to hostel. Tau ji says Imlie will not stay anywhere else, she will stay here only. He says we knows well why Imlie left from Malini’s house. Malini says sorry. Imlie says I didn’t like the dal and they don’t let me work in the house being a guest. Tau ji says Imlie will stay here only. Pankaj smiles. Aparna looks at him. He gets tensed. Rupali thanks her father for thinking about Imlie. She asks her to keep her stuff and tell her if she needs help. Aparna asks Malini to stay there tonight and promises her that she won’t let any trouble come between them.

Imlie goes to the room and finds tent there. Sundar comes there and asks if she wanted to give him order, but he will not obey her orders, can help her for friendship. Imlie says she can’t leave work on him. Aparna comes there and calls Sundar. She asks Imlie not to keep her stuff here and says they will use this place for some other thing. Imlie asks where to keep my stuff then? Aparna asks her to keep her stuff somewhere in the kitchen. Imlie says ok and goes to the kitchen. Rupali comes there and asks Aparna what did she do? She asks if you like to talk to Imlie like this. Aparna says she has no option and don’t want her to take advantage of my love. Rupali says if this thing had happened then Aditya had not brought her back. She says you will be shocked when you come to know whose love and patience is tested.

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