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Imlie 26th September 2021 Written Update: Imlie cries that Adi betrayed her

Imlie 26th September 2021 Written Update
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Imlie 26th September 2021 Written Update: Imlie The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Judge pronounces that since KC couldn’t produce solid evidence against Malini, the court cancels this case. Imlie cries after losing the case. Anu thanks lawyer Desai for winning the case. Imlie angrily pulls Malini and asks where is the video. Tripathis stop her. Anu warns them to control their servant. Dulari blames KC for deleting the video.

KC asks why would he as he also lost the case. Imlie asks where is the video then. Adi says he did and says he cannot punish Malini for Anu’s mistake and goes into flashback where Malini calls him and requests to meet her once to know the truth. He reaches Chouse where Anu says she drugged his family and Malini. Malini acts and cries. Anu continues that like he didn’t know what happened that night, even Malini didn’t know what happened as she had drugged Malini and told her it’s her honeymoon, so she is a mistake and not Malini.

Imlie 26th September 2021 Written Update

Imlie 26th September 2021 Written Update

Out of flashback, Adi says he cannot get Malini punished. Imlie shouts he is a journalist and blindly trusted Anu even after watching the evidence. She continues venting out her anger on Adi and says he betrayed her and insists he gets Malini punished now. Adi asks to forget it. Imlie says if she should forget that her husband was misused and he is supporting them. Adi says Anu made a mistake and whether she goes to jail or not, he cannot let Malini be punished. Imlie asks why he is supporting Malini.

Malini reveals she is pregnant with Aditya’s child, she came to know just now after she got unconscious and the doctor informed her she is pregnant. Imlie shatters hearing that. Aparna asks Adi if he is becoming a father. Pankaj says whoever made a mistake, his family will face consequences. Malini says it’s not Adi’s mistake. Pankaj says she told it’s her mother’s mistake. Nishant blames Adi for what he did wrong with Imlie. Anu tells Aparna and Pankaj that she didn’t know this would happen and requests to accept Malini and her child as god’s wish. Adi walks away. Malini acts as crying vigorously.

Dev waits near his car thinks doesn’t know what is happening inside, his daughter will lose. Anu walks in smiling and informs that Malini will stay with Adi. Dev yells what is wrong with her, she spoilt a small girl’s household and is very happy. Anu says she is happy that his illegitimate child faced for her deeds. They get into the car. Inspector gets them out and informs Anu that she is arrested. Anu asks what is her mistake. KC says for the mistake which she accepted in court.

Anu asks Dev to call advocate Desai. Dev denies and says she should go to jail. Police drag her away. Pankaj feels sad seeing Imlie. Aparna asks him not to get angry when they are getting a grandchild. Pankaj says he is angry with her for not supporting Imlie, supporting Malini and Anu’s mistakes, Adi deleting the video, etc.; though Adi and Imlie’s marriage happened in an unfavorable condition, she did so much for their family, she is crying now and Aparna is not even pitied her, he is with Imlie, etc. Nishant and Rupali try to console Imlie next.

Imlie cries that Adi betrayed her and is becoming Malini’s child’s father, he didn’t trust her and trusted Malini instead Rupali says she already told her to fight for her right and even now she should as Adi loves her and she is his wife. Nishant backs her. Adi walks in, and they walk away. Adi asks Imlie not to give on their relationship and love. She says their relationship broke. He says it can as he is her husband. She asks when he cannot trust and fight for her, how can he be her husband.

He says he is wrong, but he is her husband; he should understand that he cannot send Malini to jail in this condition when Anu accepted her mistake. Imlie says Malini repeatedly told her she will snatch Adi from her, but she didn’t believe Imlie as she was confident of her love. Adi says he cannot deny Malini’s child and is just waiting for Imlie’s decision. Imlie returns home and sees Malini and Adi’s photos all over Adi’s room. Malini says baby can see what mom sees, so it should see papa’s face.

She asks her to stop crying and spread negativity, forget everything and think of her and Adi’s child, asks her to fix her and Adi’s wedding pic on the wall. Imlie fixes the photo. Malini asks her to fix it properly. Imlie says she heard a woman changes completely when she becomes a mother and thought even Malini changed for her child’s sake, but she hasn’t; she will pray for Malini’s child. Dev visits Tripathis and says his daughter fight with each other and hopes things get right. Mithi asks what about his daughter, how will she stay in this house. Adi says like his wife and Imlie will decide if Malini will stay in this house or not.

Aparna asks how can he send Malini away in this condition. Adi says if Imlie wants, Malini should go to her house, he will take care of Malini. Imlie informs Dulari of all the incidents that happened. Dulari says Malini’s illegitimate child will face society’s wrath. Imlie remembers Dulari humiliating Mithi and her. Dulari asks her to inform her family that she wants Malini to go from this house. She takes Imlie to the living room and tells everyone that Imlie took her decision.

Imlie 26th September 2021 Written Update

Imlie says Malini will stay here. Dulari asks why she changed her decision. Imlie says she thought about her and Malini, but not her child who will grow without a father’s name as her, etc. Dev supports Imlie and humiliates Malini that she forgot morales and didn’t thank Imlie. Malini says she was about to and thanks Imlie; thinks Imlie made T house as her permanent address, she will not keep quiet until Imlie is out of the house. Imlie thinks she will expose how low Malini can stoop.

The next morning, Adi walks to Imlie’s room and asks if she is doing homework. Imlie ignores him. He asks to speak to her or at least shows what she wrote. She says she cannot as she deleted what she wanted and may burn even this paper. Labor employment bureau people walk in and say they came to check if they have employed underaged servants.

Pankaj asks Sundar to get his ID. They ask for Imlie’s ID. Pankaj says Imlie is his bahu. They say neighbors told him he has 2 servants. Imlie goes in to get her ID. They kidnap her and take her away. Imlie wakes up and finds herself in a goon’s den. Imlie 26th September 2021 Written Update.

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