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Imlie 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update

इमली 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित एपिसोड अपडेट - टेलली शो अपडेट
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Imlie 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update

Imlie The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Imlie 31st May 2021 Aparna’s anger melts for Imlie and she comes to the stage to see unwell Imlie. Imlie says sorry. Aparna says you didn’t tell me that you have fever, I didn’t give you a chance to say. She regrets to pressurize her to dance, apologizes for her behavior. Aditya asks Aparna to give her the same place which had for her in her heart before. Aparna says sorry and hugs Imlie. All the family members hug together. Sundar says I will announce that the program has ended. Imlie stops him and says I will dance with my family. She dances with Harish, Pankaj and the entire family. Aditya smiles seeing her happy.

After the dance, Aditya looks at Imlie. Dil ka Darya song plays…..Mithi styles Malini’s hair. Malini says mother’s love is such, sometimes massages the hair and sometimes feeds food to her child. Her relative says Mithi wants to shower Imlie’s love on you. Malini thinks my mother’s behavior was bad for Imlie, but you have accepted me without knowing. Dulari taunts Mithi for the food she has made for Mithi and goes to the room to check Malini’s purse. Malini comes there and asks what is she doing? Dulari goes making excuses. Malini sees a sculpture and thinks it is of someone she knows.

Aparna gives medicine to Imlie and asks her to eat. Imlie gets emotional and takes the medicine. Rupali tells her that she danced well and made everyone feel proud. Harish says yes. Pankaj asks her to show some step. Imlie is about to get up, but Aparna asks her to rest. Sundar brings something for her to eat. Imlie asks him to bring bananas for her. Aparna politely scolds him. Sundar says she played holi for the second time and teases her. Harish asks him to go and do the work. Aparna asks happiness returned to our house, our family will complete when Malini returns. Imlie looks at Aditya.

Dev comes to meet them. He thinks they shall not think that Malini is doing anything wrong. He asks Dev about Malini’s trip and asks if he talked to her. Aditya recalls Malini telling that she is going with Kunal. He says I talked to her in the morning and is very busy. Dev thinks if Aditya knows more than me. Aparna asks him to sit. He says no formality and asks about Imlie? Pankaj says she didn’t go to college today as today was her dance performance. Aditya thinks I know that you wanted to meet her, after what Mrs. Chaturvedi has done with her. Pankaj and Aparna tell that Imlie has slept else she would have meet you. Aditya asks him to meet her once, says she must not have slept.

Mithi comes to the room and sees the sculpture in Malini’s hand. Malini asks it is lovely, did you make it? She asks did you remember someone and made it for him. Mithi says it is just the toys. Malini says she was wondering whose sculpture is this? Dulari says Imlie’s father and asks Mithi to say. Mithi asks her to stop it. Dulari says I am helpless to be a thief, but why you was helpless to had spend a night with a city guy and then gave birth to his sin. Mithi says Satyakam is her father. Malini takes a stand for Mithi. Dulari says Satyakam wants to adopt the pet and says Imlie’s father has abandoned them, and Satyakam is getting rotten in jail.

Dev wakes up Imlie. Imlie asks how do you know that I am unwell. Dev says may be there is some connection. Aditya excuses them. Dev asks shall I call the doctor? Imlie asks why are you worried for me. Dev says you are like my Malini. She thinks don’t call me as your daughter, the day if you come to know about my relationship with you through Aditya, then you will hate me. Dev thinks if she comes to know about their real relation, she will hate me and how she can forgive the person betraying her mother. Mithi asks why was I only to be blamed and given all those bad names. She says what is my mistake if I got betrayal and asks if her name is not enough for Imlie. Malini praises her values which she gave to Imlie and asks why didn’t she ask for her rights. Mithi says I don’t want to beg. Malini asks who was he?

Dev apologizes to Imlie for leaving her with Anu and says sorry for her doings. Imlie says if I had not get hurt then wouldn’t have gone to Amma and got her and my Baba’s marriage done. Dev asks who is your baba? Malini asks Mithi to tell Imlie’s Papa name for Imlie’s sake and says she wants to help her to search for her father. Mithi says she doesn’t want her to meet him and says Imlie has understood that she will get father’s love only from Satyakam. Malini says Imlie must be asking this question from herself many times and says if destiny brings them together then Imlie shall get a chance to confront him. She asks why you want to hide his name and asks her to tell the truth. Mithi says he is a big painter, stays in Mira Bagh. Imlie says my baba’s name is Satyakam. Mithi tells Malini that Imlie’s father’s name is Dev Chaturvedi. Malini is shocked. Mithi cries.


Imlie 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini calls Imlie and says your happiness and rights, everything was with me. Imlie says no. Malini says she will come tomorrow and will tell her everything. Mithi comes there and calls Malini. Imlie hears her on call.

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