India came forward to save Sri Lanka’s paddy crop, will send 65 thousand tonnes of urea

India came forward to save Sri Lanka’s paddy crop, will send 65 thousand tonnes of urea
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India to send urea to Sri Lanka

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Rice production was low in Sri Lanka’s paddy season which started in September, after which the government is giving full emphasis to increase production in May-July season. After the ban on chemical fertilizers, the production of rice in the country has been badly affected.

India has once again come forward to help Sri Lanka surrounded by economic crisis, after continuously supplying fuel to the neighboring country, now India is sending relief to save Sri Lanka’s paddy crop, according to the information received by India. has ensured that the current conditions do not affect the production of paddy, so that India immediately 65 thousand metric tonnes of urea (Urea) will supply. Paddy in Sri Lanka (Paddy) is produced in two seasons. Sowing for the first season starts in May. In the second season sowing starts in September. Due to the impact on the paddy crop in the September season, it has become very important for the government to increase the production of paddy crop in the current season. Sri Lanka is currently going through the biggest economic crisis since its independence. There is a shortage of food items in the country. At present, the government is trying to bring the situation back on track, in which the most important thing is that there should be no impact on the food production of the country. For this reason, before the start of the season, the Sri Lankan government has started taking necessary steps. One of which is also the supply of urea.

Discussion on urea supply took place this week

According to reports in Colombo’s media, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to India met Fertilizer Secretary Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi in New Delhi this week. In which the supply of fertilizer for the current season was discussed. Sri Lanka has issued a statement thanking India for the supply of urea. The Sri Lankan Embassy said in a statement that the Government of India has decided to send urea to Sri Lanka despite the ban on export of urea from the country. At the same time, the Government of India has informed that through a government company, arrangements are being made to transport the fertilizer to Sri Lanka at the earliest. Along with this, both the sides have considered the ways of supply of chemical fertilizers by India to Sri Lanka through the existing credit line and thereafter. India has given assistance of up to $ 3 billion to Sri Lanka in economic crisis through loans, credit lines and credit swaps since January.

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The impact of agricultural policies on the economy

Last year, the Sri Lankan government had completely banned chemical fertilizers. The government’s plan was to gradually convert the entire farming to organic, however, due to limited supply of organic fertilizers, agricultural production, especially rice and tea, had a bad effect, and the decrease in production led to a rise in prices. After this, the situation got out of control due to the Kovid and Russia Ukraine crisis. And the inflation rate reached the highest level of 47 months. Whereas food inflation reached around 12 percent. In view of the deteriorating conditions, the Sri Lankan government has started gradually easing the restrictions.

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