Inside Look into the Latest AI Technology!

Inside Look into the Latest AI Technology!
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Inside Look into the Latest AI Technology: Status Markets implements content valuation technology powered by AI to step into the future With the rapid technology boom over the past decade, the most proliferative addition has been Artificial Intelligence or AI. As these computers replicate and simulate intelligent human behaviors, the market for AI is expected to snowball over the next few years to reach a market value of $190.61 billion by 2025 (source: Statista). Our everyday lives too rely on AI in its many forms – as wearable technology in smartwatches, as voice assistants in mobile phones, and as chatbots on websites.

This reliance on AI is bringing us to a new normal where every industry and function of business works with such emerging technologies. So, to keep up with this changing reality, both publishers and users are seeing rapid adoption of AI. Always dedicated to bringing you the latest trends in technology, Status Markets has now upgraded itself to implement the latest AI-based technology on its website for its users!

Latest AI Technology


By collaborating with a US-based tech company named Kunato, Status Markets has implemented the patented AI technology – Kunato.Ai – to bring content valuation to the website. This technology assigns a real-time market value to all digital content published on the site by evaluating various content and behavioral metrics such as demand, quality, uniqueness, trends, and more. This means that readers now see a price beside each article, and by interacting with it, they can see the user interest and price history of the article. The new feature uses the latest technology to enable readers to consume content consciously, based on value and not popularity.

As the influx of content increases every minute, this AI technology uses a set of quantitative deep-learning algorithms to value content without human intervention, enabling readers to have a smoother user experience on the website as they can now choose to read what they think will be worth their time. Using this technology, readers can be up-to-date with the latest trends in the market and also revisit older articles that may be of importance to them. Readers can now harness the power of AI at their fingertips while consuming content in this newly revolutionized economy where monetization is not just a far-fetched possibility but a reality.

This technology, Kunato.Ai, has been created by Kunato, a company that is dedicated to changing how content is consumed, created, and monetized. The company has had tremendous reach in 2022 by creating over 70 new partnerships to reach over 30 million active users. They continue to innovate for an AI-powered future of content monetization.

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