Intinti Gruhalaxmi 26th April 2021 Written Update Nandu scolds Shruthi

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 26th April 2021 Written Update Nandu scolds Shruthi

ग्रुहलक्ष्मी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट प्रेम ने नंदू

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 26th April 2021 Written Update Nandu scolds Shruthi

Episode starts with Prem returns to home with Shruthi. Nandu thinks about Inspector words and mocks Prem for roaming with Shruthi on roads to ruin their respect. Prem says Shruthi looks disturbed that’s why I take her out for refreshment. Anasuya says we got it that Police caught you and didn’t released until they talks with your Dad and don’t you learn lesson when you went to jail because of her? Don’t bring new problems to us. Parandamayya asks why they are creating scene for small matter. Nandu stops him and tells him that he won’t bear as house head if he roam with married woman. Prem says house head means you have to understand house members. Nandu scolds Shruthi and Tulasi tries to stop him but he won’t listen.

Lasya supports Nandu and says Shruthi is getting them new problems. Tulasi says understand Shruthi position and don’t blame her unnecessarily, it’s not good manners. Nandu says teach manners to your son because he is roaming with married woman and bringing problems to us by ruining house respect. Tulasi says scold Prem but don’t involve Shruthi. Prem says you roamed with Lasya on roads and brought her to home even though you’re married, isn’t it wrong? First check yourself before questioning others. Nandu gets angry.

Tulasi asks him to stop. Parandamayya asks Nandu to answer Prem question. Anasuya scolds her husband for supporting Prem against Nandu and mocks Tulasi for her brought up. Tulasi stops Prem and sends him inside.

At terrace Shruthi cries badly. Tulasi and Prem goes to her. Shruthi apologies to her for going outside. Tulasi says it’s not your mistake so don’t blame yourself. Prem says it’s me who take you outside and they are seeing everything in wrong angle so don’t think about their opinion. Shruthi says I’m Orphan so I have to live knowing my boundaries. Tulasi says don’t say in this way, we bought you here so you can have your freedom and problems will resolve one day and we are ready to share your problems so don’t feel bad and cry for these issues. Shruthi agrees.

Next day Tulasi tells to Parandamayya that she is going to Ankita place to call Abhi again to home. Parandamayya asks why she is going to call them again?

Tulasi says we can’t leave them in that way so let me try for another time. Prem tells to Tulasi that Abhi is not at that place and went to tour. Tulasi asks if he is lying to stop her. Prem says no, they are out of town and he calls Abhi and tells him that Mom want to meet him. Abhi asks him to stop their Mom telling he don’t want to return home and we came to Vizag for vacation so leave us peacefully.

Prem asks Abhi to talk with their mom but Abhi denies and cuts the call saying he don’t want to spoil his mood by listening his Mom banter. Tulasi feels bad. Prem asks if she realised how Abhi changed. Tulasi says he return in one week so I will meet him that time because he may return to home seeing my pain. Prem asks why can’t she leave him until Abhi returns realising his mistake. Tulasi says it’s mom’s love, you won’t understand it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tulasi tells to Lasya that she will use every opportunity to go near Nandu and warns Lasya by telling her defeat is nearing her.

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