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Intinti Gruhalaxmi 27th May 2021 Written Update Abhi feels humiliated

इंतिनी ग्रुहलक्ष्मी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: प्रेम ने नंदू का सामना किया
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Intinti Gruhalaxmi 27th May 2021 Written Update Abhi feels humiliated

Intinti Gruhalaxmi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Ramulamma notices Nandu and Lasya are shifting to their front house, she goes inside and Informs it to Tulasi. Tulasi didn’t believe than Ramulamma takes her out and shows it to her. Lasya comes to Tulasi and asks if she got shocked? Than she tells to Tulasi that she returned to take her revenge. Tulasi warns her to don’t test her patience. Lasya says you insulted me Infront of everyone by throwing me out and I will break your family and one by one your family members comes to me leaving you alone do ready for war. Tulasi says gets ready to accept the defeat. Nandu calls Lasya and they are about to go inside that time they witnesses Rohit driver came to take Tulasi to office. Tulasi gets surprised but sends the driver telling she will talk with Rohit on call.

Parandamayya says I thought Lasya left us but she came to our front home. Anasuya scolds him and asks him to stay happy for Nandu return. Parandamayya says Nandu came with Lasya than what’s their to feel happy? I’m feeling irritated. Anasuya says some people won’t allow him to stay here so let him stay in front house so I can see him whenever I needed. Tulasi looks on.

Nandu looks angry while thinking about Rohits driver. Lasya asks why he looks angry. Nandu says Rohit is trying to take advantage of my absence and he may offer her job again. Lasya says we left home and why you’re still thinking about Tulasi? Let her do what she likes. Nandu says you know that I don’t like her to work in Rohit company, she is my wife and can’t tolerate if she goes against me. Lasya says why you’re talking in this way? Still you feel Tulasi is your wife? Nandu says we didn’t get divorced yet.
Lasya says our relation won’t shape in good way if you consider her like your wife so think about it.

Tulasi calls Rohit and asks why he sent Driver. Rohit says I got to know your present situation that’s why. Tulasi says I know you’re always their to help me but I can’t work with you. Rohit asks why. Tulasi says you gave me higher position in company but I left job, it’s like disrespecting you so I can’t join with you again because my heart is not agreeing. Rohit asks her to don’t think in that way and asks her to rethink about her decision. Tulasi asks for sometime. Rohit agrees.

Ankita asks Abhi to get her makeup kit things. Abhi asks her to give sometime. Ankita questions why he is postponing everything. Abhi tells her he don’t have money to get her things and questions why she is not understanding the situation. Gayathri gives him money. Abhi says I didn’t tell you that I don’t have money. Gayathri tells him she overheard their convo. Abhi questions how can she hear their private matters. Gayathri says it’s my house and my daughter’s life so I have right to hear anything and you can’t even buy nail polish to her with your income so don’t deny to take it and she leaves after placing the money in his hand. Abhi feels humiliated.

Shruthi calls Prem and tells him that she is feeling alone at home without him. Prem tells her he will return in 4days. Shruthi informs him that Nandu and Lasya are shifted to their front building. Prem tells her he will teach lesson to Lasya once he reaches to home. Shruthi asks him to concentrate on his work. Nandu goes to Lasya and why she looks sad. Lasya says we left house because of Tulasi’s insult but still you’re thinking about her and feeling jealous over her. Nandu says she is misunderstanding. Lasya says you know how many insults I faced for you but you’re making me feel that still you love Tulasi. Nandu says no, Im going to marry you once I get divorce. Lasya says she is unable to trust him. Nandu tells her he won’t repeat it.

Episode ends.

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