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Intinti Gruhalaxmi 31st May 2021 Written Update Nandu fights with Tulasi

इंतिनी ग्रुहलक्ष्मी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: प्रेम ने नंदू का सामना किया
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Intinti Gruhalaxmi 31st May 2021 Written Update Nandu fights with Tulasi

Intinti Gruhalaxmi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Nandu in drunken state enters to Tulasi place and shouts her to come out. Tulasi and her in laws comes to hall. Nandu says I thought to fulfill Divya’s dream with my money but you failed me my giving your money and you tried to prove me low Infront of my kids. Tulasi says she did correct and can’t do anything if he search mistakes in everything, I don’t want you to sell your favourite car that’s why I took your responsibility, is it wrong in your view?

.Nandu says you did it to insult me and I never expected that you will change in this way. Tulasi asks didn’t you change? I thought to change you but didn’t happen that’s why I changed myself. Nandu says live happily because you don’t care about others. Tulasi says it’s you who cares for yourself and don’t care about us that’s why you left from home for your happiness so stop blaming me. Nandu says you trapped my family with your words but you can’t trap me because your dramas are exposed Infront of me and I won’t believe your type of cheater anymore and he fell down near sofa. Tulasi tries to help him but he denies to take her help.

Lasya enters Tulasi’s place and searches for Nandu. Tulasi questions why she entered to their place. Lasya asks where is Nandu. Tulasi tells her Nandu is sleeping inside. Lasya asks her to send her husband with her. Tulasi questions when she married Nandu to call him her husband and your relationship have someother name. Lasya warns Tulasi telling they are about to get married and asks her to send Nandu with her.

Tulasi denies send her husband and threatens to beat her with broom. Parandamayya praises Tulasi’s confidence. Lasya says Nandu will enter my ace once he comeout from his drunken mode so don’t celebrate. Parandamayya says very soon you’re going to witness the defeat. Lasya tries to enter inside to get Nandu but Tulasi stops her and questions if she wants to face previous insult? Lasya gets angry. Tulasi warns her to leave. Lasya leaves from that place.

Nandu in inebriated state says Tulasi wants me to prove useless and she don’t have any love, respect, fear towards me and I can never believe her after witnessing her dramas. Tulasi overhears everything. Nandu fell asleep. Tulasi makes him sleep on sofa and covers him with blanket.

Next day Nandu wakesup and reminsces how he fell asleep at Tulasi place after his fight with her. Anasuya calls Tulasi and questions why she didn’t give coffee to Nandu. Tulasi says he is not belongs to this place to serve him. Anasuya asks why she is talking in this way about her husband. Tulasi says I thought you forgot along with him that he is my husband. Anasuya says stop your mocking and get him coffee. Tulasi says he will go to his place so no need to do service to him.

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