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Intinti Gruhalaxmi 9th July 2021 Written Update: Nandu and Lasya are happy

इंतिनी ग्रुहलक्ष्मी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: प्रेम ने नंदू का सामना किया
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Intinti Gruhalaxmi 9th July 2021 Written Update: Nandu and Lasya are happy

Intinti Gruhalaxmi Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Intinti Gruhalaxmi 9th July 2021 Written Update…..

The episode begins with Nandu and Lasya going from the court. Deepak looks at them angrily outside the court and running to nandu, he holds nandu by his collar and shouts at him. He says that just because he was his sister’s husband he never attacked him but today as the relationship is no more no one can save him from him. Nandu looks at him angrily trying to free himself. Lasya and Tulasi and her family try to free him and finally seperate him from nandu. Tulasi shouts at Deepak as ti why he is doing this.

Deepak says that he always have been silent because she stopped him always but today as he betrayed her then he will very well kill him. Mohan tries to stop him but he asking Mohan to leave him holds his collar again. They seperate him while lasya tells him that he has no right to treat him this way as thete is no relationship between them anymore. He asks lasya to not say a word as all this happened because of her. He again holds Nandu’s collar and this time even nandu holds his collar. They seperate them both.

Lasya asks nandu to get into fight with this cheap people as they don’t know how to behave in public. Nandu tells Deepak that he spared him till now just because of his relationship with Tulasi otherwise he would have filed a case against him. Deepak gets angry at him. Tulasi asks him why he is doing this to which he says he is going to kill him and this serve him justice. Tulasi asks him then what about his children, wife and his mother. Deepak stays silent. Tulasi says his brother in law didn’t think about family and took bad decisions and she don’t want him to walk the same way. Prem supports Deepak. Tulasi says there is no use in fighting for something which won’t change. Deepak asks her to come with him but she denies. Later she agrees as Mohan insists her to go.

Shruti is continuously calling prem who is not lifting the call. Ramulamma comes there too. They are eagerly waiting for the call. Prem calls her and tells her about the divorce. Ramulamma says it would have happened for the better and says she knows Tulasi, may be she is soft hearted but she is strong.

Saraswati shares her worries with Tulasi who tells her that shr is making her weak. Deepak supports Tulasi but Saraswati says she has no strong heart like them.

Lasya is happily dancing with nandu who is standing there. He asks her to be cool. She says that he doesn’t know how happy she is. Baghya congratulates them and says that she is happy for nandu as he got a deserving wife and mocks Tulasi to which he agrees. Baghya leaves from there seeing nandu and lasya lost in eachother. Nandu tells her that he is very lucky to have her. They both keep looking at eachother. The Screen Freezes..

Precap: Tulasi and Deepak see, nandu lasya outside the house. Lasya mocks them. Deepak says that she will repent for ruining other woman’s life. Tulasi tells him that they shouldn’t talk with someone where there is no relationship making Nandu look at her angrily..

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