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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 15th June 2021 Written Update Ahaan get married?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 12th April 2021 लिखित अपडेट: इशान अहान के लिए अपनी भावनाओं का एहसास करने के लिए?
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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 15th June 2021 Written Update Ahaan get married?

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Episode begins with Ishqi sitting and Maasi asking if she had trouble in sleeping? Ishqi says no. Maasi says you are happy? Ishqi says I got so happy going to Palampur, so Singapore is amazing. Maasi says okay. Here, in Ahaan’s room, Kartik cracks joke and indirectly tells Ahaan to decide something first. Ahaan says don’t disturb me with your jokes. Ahaan and Kartik see Ishqi and Maasi sit jn the cab for airport. Ahaan goes towards the cab and Kartik thinks finally it’s happening, suddenly Rhea comes and says come Ahaan let’s see the arrangements. Kartik thinks these both are staying in thier own egos and losing out on love. Ishqi and Maasi also leave.

Rhea shows Ahaan the arrangements. Rhea goes, while Dadi comes. Dadi says see Mehtas are so efficient they arranged everything so well in just few hours. Dadi asks Ahaan to start respecting Rhea as she has done so much for the family. Kartik comes and says he is bringing a wife not a dadi, he should be loving Rhea. Dadi says what’s the issue in Rhea, she is so lovable. Kartik says but Rhea is not her. Dadi scolds Kartik for telling negative things.

Here, Sonu asks Raj if this jewellery set will match her dress? Raj is silent. Sarla says I love this necklace, let me take this. Sonu says to Raj to tell something. Raj says you are able to take all the decisions in your life on your own so why are you not solving this problem also. Raj leaves. Sarla says what happened to you both. Sonu also leaves. Sarla thinks to find out what has happened.

Here, Kartik video calls Ishqi. Kartik wishes her and shows her Ahaan. They both are speechless. Kartik thinks I wish you two would have started this nrw journey together. Ishqi and Ahaan look at each other. Dadi comes and says to keep the mobile away. Ishqi says congratulations and the call ends. Ishqi cries.

Ishqi imagines Ahaan that he came and is confessing his love but then she comes out of the dream. Maasi asks if she is fine. Ishqi says yes. Here, the declaration ritual begins. Ahaan imagines Rhea to be Ishqi. Rhea says her declaration and Ahaan says it but in the end says I take Ishqi as my wife. Everyone is shocked. Sarla taunts Ishqi. Virender Mehta is angry on Ahaan. Dadi says he had a slip of tongue. Ahaan says no, I am sorry Dadi but I need to say it today. Ahaan says I don’t want to marry Rhea. He apologies to Rhea and says by marrying you I will destroy three lives and one is yours. Ahaan goes from the mandap, Kartik follows him. Kartik tells Ahaan that I will help you. Kartik makes a fake call at airport that there is a bomb with a passenger in Singapore going flight. Ishqi is about to board the flight when they all start checking the passengers. Ishqi thinks if this is a sign.

Ishqi sees, a small boy named Ahaan and Ishqi asks herself if all these are signs. Ahaan and Kartik somehow get inside the airport and search for Ishqi. Here, someone soills coke on Ishqi so Ishqi goes to washroom. Ahaan and Kartik gets to know that the flight is boarded and will depart. Ahaan requests the officials but no one is able to help him. He sits devastatingly. Ishqi passes by and Ahaan notices. Ahaan calls Ishqi. Ishqi thinks she is dreaming. Ahaan holds her hand and turns her and they two see each other.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ahaan proposes to Ishqi. They hug.

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