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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 25th May 2021 Written Update Sarla know the truth

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 12th April 2021 लिखित अपडेट: इशान अहान के लिए अपनी भावनाओं का एहसास करने के लिए?
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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 25th May 2021 Written Update Sarla know the truth

Ishk Par Zor Nahin The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Ishqi showering her chuda on Rhea, sadly, so that she marries next. Rhea gets happy. Everyone dances while Ishqi can’t stop thinking about Ahaan. Sonu and Ahaan spend some emotional moments during dance. Everyone gets emotional. Here, in room, Maasi consoles Ishqi. Suman comes and says we are lucky to get Ishqi. Suman goes. Maasi makes Ishqi understand how Mayank is very nice and every person has his own disabilities but good part about Mayank is he is improving himseld for you. Ishqi says you are right Maasi. Here, Dadi asks the manager to bring the details of all the staff. Savitri listens to this and thinks no matter what Dadi does, I will make sure I bless my daughter. Dadi is determined to catcg Savitri. She thinks I know Savitri, you are here but I will catch you before you let my truth out.

Here, Rhea comes to Ahaan to talk about their wedding. Ahaan says not now Rhea. Rhea says okay. Kartik sees this and gets happy that Ahaan is not taking decisions harshly. Ahaan sees Ishqi and then tells Rhea that she is right, we should announce about our wedding today. Rhea gets happy and hugs him. She goes. Kartik thinks Ahaan is doing this in confusion.

Here, Ishqi thinks about how everytime some malfunction happens when she is almost close to catch the culprit. She thinks the culprit is very smart. Just then Mayank comes to Ishqi’s room and knocks. Ishqi says wait don’t come, I have already worn the lehenga. Mayank saya already? Ishqi says yes to try it. Mayank says I wanted to know if you know about the culrprit. Ishai says no. Mayank asks how is Sonu? Ishqi says she is better. Mayank thinks that phone isn’t working, Sonu isn’t getting scared, I have to break her every hope. He collides with Sarla. He gets an idea. He says Sarla will break her hope. He messages Sonu and reminds her whatever happened. She cries. She talks to Ishqi on call. She says I can’t forget all that, come to me. Sarla comes and asks why are you crying, what happened.

Ishqi hears Sarla and goes to see. Mayank hears them. Sarla asks what wrong did you do, tell me, does Raj know, tell me the truth, if you don’t tell the truth, then see what I do. Sonu says I will tell you. Ishqi comes and hugs Sonu. She says I will fix everything, calm down. She says very sorry, Sonu is crying because of me. Mayank says how did Ishqi come. Sarla says I knew you did something. Ishqi says I was missing my mum, I was crying so Sonu also started crying. Sarla says everyone knows it, why are you crying today. Ishqi says its marriage today. Sarla says don’t cry much, pics won’t come good. Ishqi hugs Sarla. Mayank comes and says I heard someone crying. He hits the lamp by his hand. Sarla asks him to leave. Ishqi consoles Sonu. Ishqi thinks I felt Mayank made the lamp fall intentionally.

Manager says I will tell Ahaan that Mayank didn’t pay the party bill that night. He goes to Ahaan. Kartik says not now, I have to talk to him. Ishqi comes there. Kartik says you don’t love Riya, why are you marrying her. Ahaan says you don’t know about my love idea, why do you take Ishqi’s name always. Kartik says I didn’t take her name. Ishqi hears them. Manager thinks to tell her that Mayank didn’t make the payment. He goes to Ishqi and says Mayank didn’t pay the party bill that night. She says sorry, my focus was something where. He says system is fine, he didn’t pay the bill. She says I will talk later. Kartik says I had seen you and Ishqi that night at the pool side. Ishqi thinks what happened that night. Kartik says you can deny. Ahaan says I didn’t tell her I like her, she told me that she likes me. She runs away. Manager comes to Ahaan and says Dadi wanted to see records. Dadi checks the records. Ahaan thinks of Ishqi. Ishqi recalls the night. She says no, this can’t happen, Ahaan and I are totally different, this can’t happen, there is nothing common, he just comes to help.

Dadi says Ahaan, Savitri’s name isn’t in the records, its good. Ahaan asks why would she come here. Dadi says she left you for money, she wants to come back for money, she knows we also have money, she is very clever, she will come and cry, she will say she loves you, she couldn’t come because she was helpless, will your heart melt for her. He thinks of Ishqi. He says you think anyone will come and say that they love me, will I melt down, no. Dadi goes. Ishqi says my list is wrong, leave Ahaan, see Mayank, he is a simple person, Suman and Shekhar are good people, just focus on Mayank.

Ahaan sees Ishqi and says Mayank wanted to talk to you, I don’t want any problem in your marriage. Ishqi says I know what you want. Ishqi gives her hand to Mayank. She gets shocked.

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