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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th July 2021 Written Update Rhea says sorry

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th July 2021 Written Update Rhea says sorry

Ishk Par Zor Nahin The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th July 2021 Written Update.

The episode begins with Ishqi entering and seeing Rhea sitting on Ahaan. Rhea and Ahaan clarifying to Ishqi. Rhea says sorry, I got dinner for Ahaan, feeling bad for what my dad did with him. Rhea tries to create misunderstanding between Ishqi and Ahaan. Ishqi laughs and jokes on Rhea in Kartik’s style. She says its okay, everyone makes mistakes, why are you feeling guilty like you are really hiding anything, are you hiding anything. Ahaan looks at her. Rhea says very sweet Ishqi. Ishqi says yes, but less then you and your parents. Rhea goes. Savitri asks the man where is he. The man comes in his car. She goes with him. She says you were going to come tomorrow. He says yes, I came early, I will tell later, is there any problem. She says no, thanks for help.

Dadi and Sonu are on the way. Dadi says I wanted to drop you, so I have come, I like to do something for kids. She sees Savitri in the car. Savitri sees Dadi and hides her face. Sonu asks what happened. Dadi says nothing. She thinks Savitri, is she alive. Ishqi checks the dinner package brought by Rhea. She asks where is dal makhani. Ahaan asks what. She says she wasted much money. Ahaan asks what are you doing. She says its your fav, have it, I had also got food, I will take it back. He says stop, I will have it, gobi parathas. She says I just know that. He asks did Kartik say. Ishqi says no.

Ishqi says you eat this which Rhea brought as you like it. Ahaan says yes I am eating what I like. Ishqi says you are pretending. Ahaan says two things are my favorite, Gobi ka parantha and you. Ishqi says you are buttering me. Ahaan pulls Ishqi towards himself and makes her sit in his lap. Ahaan feeds Ishqi and asks Ishqi to feed him too. They share cute moment together. Ahaan thinks how shall I tell you, I don’t remember what happened that night, I m scared that this truth can break our relation, I m waiting for the first time. He holds her in arms. His phone rings. He recalls her words.

Rhea looks at them. She says very soon, this love will change into hatred. Dadi dreams of Savitri coming to kill her. She gets scared. She says no, she is dead. She calls the hospital to confirm. She ends call. She hears a sound. She thinks who is there. Ahaan and Ishqi come home. He says thanks for trusting me. They talk and laugh. Dadi comes and sees them. Ahaan says I just came from office, I m going to sleep, you also go and sleep, goodnight.

Its morning, Ahaan sees Ishqi busy in kitchen. Kartik asks why aren’t you having breakfast, eat it, don’t wait for Ishqi, Sanskari girls eat after their husbands eat. Dadi says don’t get mad after your wife, you have to go office, there is reception in the evening. Chacha says come home soon, guests will come. Kartik does shayari. Chacha says wow. He laughs. Ahaan asks Kartik to have it silently. Ahaan signs Ishqi.

He says I have to talk to you. Chacha comes with project files. He says you tackled Mehta well. Ahaan says I was well prepared. Chacha asks Ahaan to continue. Ahaan asks what. Chacha goes. Ishqi gets a gift. She sees a lovely dress. She says its very beautiful. He asks her to wear it on reception. He makes her wear the promise ring. He says I promise, I will never leave you. Chachi comes and says wrong timing, right, how will I get good news then, Ishqi give your opinion on decorations, carry on. She goes. Ahaan says after reception, we will go somewhere for few days. Ishqi says you won’t romance when we are alone also.

Ahaan says you teach me, I know everything about you. She says I don’t know anything about you, I have to go to Maasi’s house, will Dadi say anything. He says no, I will drop you. Chachi and Sonu see designs. Dadi asks Kartik to put chairs for senior citizens. Ishqi comes. Kartik compliments. Dadi asks where are you going. Ishqi says Maasi’s house. Dadi says girls look good in Sasural. Ahaan asks Ishqi to come. Ishqi says I will come, you go.

Ahaan says Dadi, Ishqi thinks you will refuse to her, why will Dadi refuse, my Dadi isn’t typical filmi Dadi to taunt you. Kartik says Dadi would have not kept Sonu here if she had any problem with girls going to Maayka. Ahaan says come, she doesn’t mind. Savitri says I met him, he has a plan, he wants to talk to you. Ishqi asks why. Savitri asks her to talk. Ishqi talks to that man.

She says we will do as he said, I will prepare you for that. Manager comes to Ahaan and tells about a good proposal. Ahaan says finally, I got a chance to cover the losses. Ishqi comes home. Chachi says its Savitri’s right to know about Ahaan’s marriage. Ishqi asks whose right. Chacha says close family friends, we didn’t tell them about your and Ahaan’s marriage. He goes. Ishqi asks are you fine. Chachi says yes, select my clothes for your reception. A necklace box falls down. Ishqi asks whose jewellery is this. Chachi says Ahaan’s mum’s, you keep it, she would have given this to you. Dadi comes and snatches it. She asks from where did you get this.Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th July 2021 Written Update.

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