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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update

इश्क में मरजावां 2 10 अप्रैल 2021 को लिखित अपडेट: रिद्धिमा को पता चला कि वंश ने उसे आउटसोर्स किया और उसका सामना किया
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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Riddhima threatening Vyom to throw the diamonds if he doesn’t tell Vansh’s whereabouts. Riddhima tells that Vyom cares only about money and power. Vyom tells that she doesn’t about it and requests her to give the diamond. Riddhima tells that she will give him the diamond, if he tells Vansh whereabouts or else she will throw the diamond for real. Vyom tells Vansh’s whereabouts. Riddhima demands Vyom to take him to Vansh in return she will give him the diamond. She asks Vyom to keep walking. Angre phones Riddhima. The latter tells Angre about her deal to Vyom. Angre tells that the diamond is very important to Vansh. Riddhima says nothing is more important than Vansh to her. Angre tells that Vyom is dangerous, he is trapping her. The call gets disconnected due to poor network. Angre breaks the phone in anger and yells that Riddhima is doing wrong.

Meanwhile Riddhima reaches the location. She asks Vyom to wait outside. She goes inside and doesn’t find Vansh, but she finds his kerchief with blood on it. Riddhima confronts Vyom. She points gun at Vyom and yells where Vansh is. Vyom tells that Vansh is here and asks to give him the diamond. The goons come there. The goons point gun at Riddhima and ask to return the diamond. Vyom tells Riddhima to give them the diamond. Riddhima refuses. Riddhima says that women aren’t weak and when it’s about their husband, they are the most dangerous. Riddhima shoots one goon and Vyom kicks the other goon’s gun. The goon shoots Riddhima, but Vyom comes in front of them and takes the bullet. Riddhima shoots that goon.

Riddhima asks Vyom why he saved her. Vyom asks for the diamond. Riddhima realizes that she doesn’t have the diamond and tells it may have fallen somewhere. Vyom tells that he needs that diamond. He has given the location and fulfilled the promise and now it’s her turn. Riddhima repeats that she doesn’t have the diamond. She asks him to calm down, he’s bleeding. Vyom tells that the diamond is more important than his live. Riddhima asks what is special in that diamond. Vyom points gun at Riddhima and shouts he wants the diamond. Riddhima says that he won’t shoot her else he would have saved her. Vyom says that he saved her baby not her. He asks for the diamond and threatens to shoot her. Riddhima leaves asking to do whatever he wants. Vyom shoots in the air.

Dadi shouts at Riddhima for trusting Vyom. She blames Riddhima for putting Vansh’s life in danger. Riddhima asks how she got to know all this. Dadi tells that Angre told her everything. Dadi tells that Vyom fooled her. Riddhima says that Vansh was there, but he was got shifted to another place before they could reach her. Angre says it’s Vyom’s trap. Riddhima denies and says she’s feeling like Vyom telling the truth. She says that she believes Vyom. Dadi scolds Riddhima. She asks if she has given the diamond to Vyom. Riddhima replies no.

Dadi says thank God and asks to give her the diamond. Riddhima tells that she doesn’t have the diamond, it might have fallen somewhere. Dadi accuses Riddhima and tells it’s Riddhima’s plan to tarnish their reputation and she wants Vansh to get killed by his enemies. Riddhima asks Dadi how she can think like that. Angre supports Riddhima. Dadi scolds him and asks to go to find the diamond. Dadi tells that Riddhima is bad luck for them and she causes only trouble. Dadi leaves. Sia assures Riddhima that Vansh will be back and she can share her worries with her. Riddhima thinks that she can’t trust Sia. Riddhima nods ok and walks away. Sia gets happy thinking that Riddhima trusts her and Vyom will be happy hearing this.

Vyom is searching the diamond in the train box. He reads message written on a cardboard and realizes that Vansh and Riddhima are playing with him. Riddhima would have read this message when she has come here searching Vansh. In the hotel, Riddhima recalls her moments with Vansh and cries. She misses Vansh. Vansh comes to the hotel. Riddhima sense his presence. She runs to find him. She sees him and run after him. She comes out of the hotel. Riddhima shouts Vansh and asks where he’s. She says that she feels like Vansh here.

The episode ends.

Precap:, Vansh and Riddhima expresses their love for each other and get romantic.

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