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Kaatrukenna Veli 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update

Kaatrukenna Veli 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: वेनिला तबाह हो जाता है
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Kaatrukenna Veli 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update

Kaatrukenna Veli The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Abhi and Anandhi learning that Vanilla and her gang decided to complete the project staying back in the college and Surya gave them the permission for doing the same. Ananadhi taunts Abhi that like always Vennila gking to beat Abhi. The latter decides to fail Vennila’s plan. Anandhi and Abhi go to the hostel. Anandhi asks Abhi what’s her plan against Vennila.

Abhi tells that she will not let Vennila study. They meet the hostel warden, Uma, and asks for Vennila’s local guardian’s phone number. Uma refuses to give the number. Abhi reveals that she’s Vishwa’s daughter and tells that her dad asked for the number. Uma gets scared and gives the register which contains students details. Abhi saves the number in her mobile and leaves followed by Anandhi.

Anandhi and Abhi go to Vishwa and tell that Vennila and her gang are going to stay back in the college on the pretext of studying. Abhi reveals that Surya gave permission to Vennila and adds that Surya changed after meeting Saradha. Vishwa gets furious and goes to confront Surya. Abhi and Anandhi get glad.

Vishwa stops Surya and asks if it’s a college or hotel for students stay back and party. He asks Surya why he gave Vennila and her gang the permission to stay back in the college. Surya explains that he gave them a project and they asked him permission to stay back in the college to do group study in order to complete the project. As the college is there for study purpose, he agreed.

Vishwa says that this is wrong, other students can also ask to stay back in the college. Surya says that they can permit them too as their job is to motivate the students to study. Vishwa says that Surya has changed ever since he has met Saradha against Meenakshi’s wish. Surya denies it. Vishwa argues with Surya asking him to change his decision, but Surya refuses. Vishwa warns Surya that he will be held responsible if any problem comes. Surya agrees.

In the night, Vennila and her friends are studying sitting in the college campus. Moorthi is sweeping the ground. He feels happy on seeing Maran studying. Meanwhile at Surya’s house, Abhi discloses her plan to spoil Vennila’s study to Anandhi. Abhi tells that she will call Vennila’s sister using Vishwa’s old number and will tell her Vennila is partying with his friends in the college.

Soumya and Madhavan have come to buy vegetables. Madhavan complains that Soumya took him to the market as soon as he returned from the office and taunts her. Soumiya says that she may get some respect if she also starts working. Madhavan mokes Soumiya saying she can’t get any job as she didn’t have any degree and tells that she should also run away before her wedding like Vennila.

He further says that Vennila is ungrateful, she left the house without telling him. He adds that Vennila must be misusing her freedom in the hostel. Soumiya says that Vennila isn’t like that. Madhavan tells Soumya to bring Vennila back home so that she can be helpful to her and also she will study properly. Soumiya refuses. Abhi phones Soumiya and gets shocked on seeing Mahadevan coming that side.

The episode ends.

Precap: Abhi informs Madhavan that Vennila is partying with the boys in the college. Madhavan and Soumiya recah the college. Madhavan shouts Vennila.

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