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Kaatrukenna Veli 27th May 2021 Written Update Abhi’s creates troubles

Kaatrukenna Veli 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: वेनिला तबाह हो जाता है
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Kaatrukenna Veli 27th May 2021 Written Update Abhi’s creates troubles

Kaatrukenna Veli The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with the hostel warden refusing to give room to Vennila without Vishwa’s permission letter. Vennila explains her situation and requests the warden to give her the room. She assures to get the permission letter morning. The warden tells that she’s only a staff and can’t go against Vishwa’s order. Vennila tells that Vishwa asked her to join the hostel. Rupa tells there could be some miscommunication and requests the warden to call Vishwa and confirm it once.

The warden calls Vishwa and tells that a student Vennila called Vennila is asking for room and she tells that he gave her the permission. Vishwa tells that Vennila is lying and strictly tells the warden to refuse Vennila. Vennila requests the warden to talk to Vishwa. Vennila tells Vishwa that Abhi and Anandhi told her that he has asked her to join hostel.

Vishwa calls Vennila a liar. He tells that her daughters complained that she’s behind them to get seat in the hostel. He scolds her. Vennila says that she’s not lying and pleads with Vishwa to give her room. Vishwa refuses and cuts the call. Vennila cries. Rupa tells that Vennila has nowhere to go. The warden tells that she can go against the management.

In the night, Rupa tells Vennila that Abhi lied to her to take revenge on her. Vennila recalls Abhi convincing her to attend Surya’s birthday party then Abhi voluntarily offering her to help to get seat in the hostel. Vennila feels bad that she got betrayed by the person whom she trusted. Rupa asks if she can drop her at her sister’s in-law’s house.

Vennila tells that she will get humiliated, if she goes back there. She says that she can’t sacrifice her self-respect and decides to not return to her sister’s house. Rupa says that she can’t take her to her place. She suggests asking help to Tamizh or Akhash. Vennila refuses. She says that she was cheated. She has the rights to stay in the hostel and she will get her rights. She will not leave the campus until she gets the room.

Rupa receives call from her part-time job and has to leave. Vennila assures that she used to fight alone and convinces Rupa to leave. Meanwhile Abhi phones one girl, who stays in the hostel. Abhi asks the girl to check if a girl is standing in the campus with bag. The girl confirms that Vennila is there. Abhi reminds the girl the favor she had done for her and tells to do as she says. The girl agrees. Abhi tells the girl something and asks her to tell it to Vennila.

The girl along with her friend question Vennila who she is. Vennila tells that she’s also this college student. They mock Vennila saying that she eloped in the night from her marriage. They laugh at her. They ask Vennila to leave, but she refuses. They try to snatch Vennila’s bag.

The episode ends.

Precap: The warden tells Vennila to leave, but she refuses. The warns threatens to call the security.

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