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Kaatrukenna Veli 9th June 2021 Written Update Surya shouts at Abhi

Kaatrukenna Veli 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: वेनिला तबाह हो जाता है
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Kaatrukenna Veli 9th June 2021 Written Update Surya shouts at Abhi

Kaatrukenna Veli Upcoming The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Surya enquiring Maran about his health and his practice session. Surya says that Maran missed lot of classes. Maran says that he wanted to attend the classes, but he couldn’t since he needs to practice more as national meet is approaching. Surya says that studies also important. Maran says that he will study well with his help. He then asks why he isn’t coming to the college nowdays and adds that Vennila told him.

Surya asks where he saw Vennila. Maran says that he saw her in the college ground. Surya wonders what she’s doing at this time in the ground. Maran tells that Vennila got admission in the hostel after creating a ruckus. He leaves while Surya goes to meet Vennila.

Maran’s dad is cleaning the ground. He asks Vennila about the boy with whom she was talking. Vennila says that he is her classmate, Maran. He asks if Maran is good in study. Vennila says that she does not know since he doesn’t attend the classes regularly. She adds that Maran has some difficulties to understand the lessons and she offered to help him. Maran’s dad asks Vennila to help Maran so that he sudy well. Vennila asks if he knows Maran. He lies that he doesn’t know, but only saw him practicing daily. Vennila asks what his name is. He says Mandharamoorthi.

Vennila learns from the security guard that Surya has come to the college. She gets elated and goes to find him. She spots Surya and goes to him. She asks him how he’s doing, why he didn’t come to the college. Surya jokes saying that she should be happy since he wasn’t there to scold her. She says that all his students have missed him including his dad, Mahadevan. Surya gets disappointed that Vennila didn’t say that she missed him. Vennila asks if he has met Mahadevan. Surya says not yet. Vennila says that she’s very happy with his return. Vennila happily informs Surya that she got admission in the hostel.

Surya says that he heard about how she got the admission and asks what happened. Vennila doesn’t want to tell him, but Surya insists. Vennila tells about what all happened. Surya reprimands Vennila for protesting against the college management and adds that he would have punished if he was here. Vennila says that one shouldn’t run away when he’s not at mistake. Surya says that she’s indirectly telling him this. Vennila denies it. Surya warns her to not repeat her act. Vennila laughs and says that she missed his scoldings. Surya also laughs. Vennila teases him. She advises Surya to not run away when he didn’t do anything wrong. She leaves.

Abhi and Anandhi discuss Vennila. Annadhi says that all Abhi’s plan went useless and Vennila got admission in the hostel. Abhi tells that Vennila will run away from the hostel and their dad made a plan for this. They spot Surya and get happy. Abhi and Anandhi go to Surya and say that they missed him. Surya shouts at them for deceiving Vennila. Abhi and Anandhi complain that they are meeting him after long, but he’s scolding them instead of having a friendly conversation with them.

The episode ends.

Precap: Surya meets Mahadevan. Mahadevan is overjoyed seeing Surya.

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