Karan Mehra said I will just fight for my son’s custody

Karan Mehra
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Karan Mehra said I will just fight for my son’s custody: There was uproar in the TV industry last year when everyone came to know that bitterness has arisen in the married life of the popular couple of the industry, Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra. Nisha Rawal lodged a complaint against her husband at Goregaon police station.

During the time Nisha reached the police station, at that time blood was bleeding from her forehead. Nisha, while filing a complaint at the police station, said that her husband had hit her head on the wall. On Nisha’s complaint, the police arrested Karan Mehra, although he was later released on bail. After that, the round of allegations continued.

Karan Mehra

Nisha then filed a case against Karan and his family in cases like domestic violence, dowry, and unnatural sex. Not only this, Nisha also had to say that Karan has an extra-marital affair. On Thursday, after about 14 months, Karan Mehra held a fresh conference, during which he spoke openly on the allegations made by Nisha Rawal. Karan said during the press conference that Nisha has an affair with her Rakhi brother, whom she has known for 14 years. Karan named Nisha’s Rakhi brother Rohit Setia. Karan said that Nisha is living in my house with someone else. We have submitted the proof of this to the court.

Nisha has an affair with her brother-in-law Rohit Setia. I didn’t have proof earlier, so didn’t say anything. Karan further said that Nisha wanted my car property, business, and my son all. That’s why he implicated me in a false case but now I will not sit quietly for my family. I don’t have time to be emotional. While talking during this time, Karan said that he is missing his son and will fight for his custody. Rohit is living in my house with Nisha and my son is also with him. I could not even reach my child, I was only able to meet my son on 2nd November. The actor said that I will fight the case till my son’s custody is not found.

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