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Karthika Deepam 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update

कार्तिका दीपम 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: कार्तिक दीपा को मुरली कृष्ण के साथ दवा भेजता है
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Karthika Deepam 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Karthika Deepam The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Bharati happily informs to Karthik that Deepa is safe because of his and kids luck. Karthik thanks her for saving Deepa. Bharathi thinks to tell him that Mounitha wanting Deepa’s death to gain him than she thinks to tell him later and informs him that Deepa gaining conscious. Aditya reaches to hospital with carriage.

Karthik happily informs Aditya that Deepa gained conscious and he goes to meet her asking Aditya to wait. Bharati asks if he bought carriage. Aditya says yes and he asks about Deepa’s condition. Bharathi tells him Deepa is out of danger. Aditya feels happy and says his brother is changed so much, did you saw how he ran towards Vadina room, he thanks her for saving Deepa. Bharati asks him to keep the carriage in her cabin so she can share it with Karthik. Aditya agrees.

Karthik goes to Deepa room and thinks just wait 2 days Deepa than you can get all the happiness in the world, he holds her hand in tears and blames himself for doubting her in last 10years and he decides to apologise to Deepa Infront of everyone where he insulted her. Deepa slowly gains conscious. Karthik wipes his tears. Deepa asks him if she is still alive. Karthik says yes. Deepa says it means I reborn again right. Karthik says yes. Deepa asks about Soundarya and Kids.

Karthik tells her they are at home and Aditya is here with me. Deepa asks if Mounitha is at hospital. Karthik says no, she left long back. Deepa asks if it’s true. Karthik says it’s true, I just hided from you that you’re suffering from deadly disease but at last I revealed that to you and I didn’t lied to you in any matter so take rest tomorrow we are going to our place.

Deepa asks which home. Karthik says to our home and he leaves asking her to take rest by patting her cheek. Deepa holds her cheek and thinks if it’s really true? Change in Doctor babu behaviour is visible and now onwards I will never asks him that if he is showing pity on me.

Mounitha takes tablets. Priyamani asks what are those tablets. Mounitha says there are tablets to make us reveal the truth and asks if she needs them. Priyamani denies. Mounitha asks Priyamani to answer if Karthik is good or bad. Priyamani says Karthik is best as father, husband and son but he is bad as lover. Mounitha says you’re super and you make me get answers to my questions and she thinks Karthik is not thinking about me so what I’m going to do against him is not wrong.

Aditya thinks whether his brother is changed or showing humanity towards Vadina? Mom is saying he is changed so brother is definitely changed and he wakes up Karthik who’s sleeping in the chair. Karthik asks what’s the time. Aditya tells him 7.45. Karthik says they said they will discharge Deepa at 8 and he goes to finish the formalities.

Soundarya lits Diya Infront of god and performs the pooja. Kids join her and asks why their Mom still didn’t reached to home. Soundarya says they might reach here in 30m and she asks them to get ready in newclothes before their Mom reaches to home so they can welcome their Mom grandly. Kids agrees. Soundarya sends Kids with Malathi. Soundarya thanks god for saving Deepa and changing Karthik and she prays god for their togetherness.

Episode ends.

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