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Karthika Deepam 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update

कार्तिका दीपम 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: कार्तिक दीपा को मुरली कृष्ण के साथ दवा भेजता है
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Karthika Deepam 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update

Karthika Deepam The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Karthik goes to Deepa room and asks how’s she feeling. Deepa says I’m fine but why your face is looking dull? Didn’t you slept in the night? Did you have dinner in the night? What about your breakfast and tea. Karthik says so many questions, ask me oneby by when we reached to home than I will answer you. Deepa says you always look fresh but today you’re looking tired. Karthik says your Mom in law will take care of you once we reached to home and she planned to lock the Kitchen to announce lockdown. Deepa asks how can she lock open kitchen. Karthik states at her than Deepa smiles.

Priyamani serves Coffee to Mounitha and she bashes Karthik for using Mounitha and asks Mounitha to not cry for him and suggest to teach him lesson. Mounitha says relax Priyamani, I’m not Deepa to sit silently, I will teach him lesson for playing with my feelings and very soon scary picture is going to get released.

Soundarya contacts Karthik to know how much time it will take them to reach home. Karthik informs her they crossed checkpost. Sourya and Hima gets to know it and they informs to Soundarya that they are going to get surprise which they arranged for their parents. Soundarya gets Mounitha call and she asks whether Deepa reached to home. Soundarya says not yet. Mounitha asks what happened. Soundarya says nothing happened, they are on the way so tell me why you called.

Mounitha says she called to wish Deepa. Soundarya says no need of your care from now onwards and currently I’m in happy mood so don’t spoil it. Mounitha says I will see how many days this happiness will survive. Soundarya cuts call saying Karthik is changed and taking good care of you so stop your nonsense. Mounitha thinks ready to face it because I’m going to prove I’m more important than that Deepa.

Bhagyalakshmi asks why he is not getting ready to bring Deepa to their place. Murali Krishna says let’s visit them in the evening because Karthik is changed so let them celebrate the moment, why to disturb them. Bhavya Lakshmi tells him that she will inform to Soundarya about pooja. Murali Krishna agrees.

Karthik brings Deepa to home. Soundarya stops them at doorstep and performs Aarti to their pair with Shravya help. Kids blast the balloons and welcome their parents by showering them with flower petals. Karthik asks them to come downstairs. Kids happily hugs their Mom. Hima says Granny told us Dad that you’re taking good care of Mom. Sourya says we used to feel bad when you couldn’t talk with Mom properly. Hima says we are happy now. Sourya joins her parent’s hands and asks if they are friends or not. Karthik tells her they are friends. Everyone feels happy.

Karthik says he wants to tell important matter to everyone. Soundarya asks if it’s good news? Karthik says yes. Soundarya says than wait for sometime, Bhagyalakshmi wants you guys to perform pooja and I told her that I will arrange the Poona here so reveal it on Pooja time than everything will be good. Karthik agrees. Deepa and Aditya request him to reveal it immediately. Karthik says it’s good if I reveal it Infront of everyone. Aditya asks him for small clue. Karthik says it’s matter of life so wait for sometime then he thinks his courage is not enough to ask forgiveness from Deepa and he plans to accept his mistake Infront of everyone.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa asks Karthik to reveal what he wants to tell during Pooh’s time. Karthik says I did mistake and to accept it I need time and I will reveal it tomorrow itself so wait for it. Mounitha too plans to implement her plan on next day.

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