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Karthika Deepam 4th September 2021 Written Update: Mounitha gets angry

Karthika Deepam 24th August 2021 Written Update:
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Karthika Deepam 4th September 2021 Written Update: Mounitha gets angry: Karthika Deepam The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama.

Karthika Deepam 4th September 2021 Written Update

Karthik thinks he can’t do injustice to Deepa because of Mounitha’s threats and I won’t take any wrong Decisions this time. Ratna Sita says you lived without marrying Karthik for the last 16 years so why can’t you live with your kid from now onwards without marrying Karthik.

Mounitha gets angry and tells her that she can’t live without Karthik so don’t think these ideas are in your dreams too. Ratna says Karthik is not responding to your threats. Mounitha says Karthik will do anything for the family so I will use his sentiments to get him to mine so just implement my plan and I will take care of everything. Ratna agrees. Bhagyalakshmi starts fasting for God to save Karthik from jail. Karthik thinks about how Mounitha met him in disguised Avatar.

Karthika Deepam 4th September 2021 Written Update

Deepa gives him tablets and questions why he looks scared. Karthik thinks Deepa won’t leave Mounitha if I reveal to her that Mounitha came as doctor Rina and I can’t risk Deepa’s life. Deepa questions if he is not trusting her. Karthik says I can’t trust anyone more than you and you felt you saw Mounitha as Soothsayer and I too felt She came to station as a tea seller. Deepa says Mounitha is alive that’s for sure but I can’t think she takes the risk to enter the police station. Karthik says she is correct then she asks him to sleep. Karthik sleeps in the bed.

Shravya waits for Aditya’s arrival. Anandrao asks if Aditya didn’t reach home. Shravya says he went to meet Doctor and told me that he started from that place so waiting for him, hope Karthik Bava garu gets bail in tomorrow’s hearing. Anandrao says the evidence is against Karthik so we don’t know what will happen and send Aditya to me once he reached home because I want to know what Lawyer told to him. Shravya agrees. Aditya meets with an accident because of Mounitha’s men’s trap.

At the hospital, Karthik wakes up suddenly shouting No. Deepa asks him what happened. Karthik says he is sensing something happened to his near one. Compounder gives the phone to Karthik saying Rina Mam is on call. Mounitha informs him about Aditya’s bike accident and asks him to decide quickly to save his family. Karthik gives the phone to the compounder.

Karthika Deepam 4th September 2021 Written Update

Deepa asks why she called him. Karthik manages her saying they are taking extra care because I’m a prisoner. That time Deepa gets Sourya’s call and she informs her about Aditya’s accident and requests her to come home soon. Deepa informs Karthik about it and leaves for home. Karthik gets angry at Mounitha.

Shravya sprays on Aditya’s wounds and scolds him for not taking the car. Aditya tells her it’s tough to reach the Lawyer’s house in the car. Kids say let’s go to the hospital. Aditya tells them not needed. Deepa reaches home and feels worried seeing Aditya’s condition and says she is not getting what’s happening to their family. Karthika Deepam 4th September 2021 Written Update.

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