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Kartika Deepam 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Karthika Deepam 20th May 2021 Written Update: Soundarya confronts Deepa for leaving home
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Kartika Deepam 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Kartika Deepam The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with hima asking Karthik to say that Deepa is still with them at home. He stays silents. Hima says that his silence is making her think that what they are thinking is true. Karthik looks at them with pain. Hima tells him that everyone sympathises with Deepa and whether he don’t sympathize with her or atleast them. Karthik is hurt with their words and holding their hands he asks them to come with him and they go with him.

Monitha is looking at baby’s pictures and admiring them when her maid comes to her with a glass of milk. Monitha asks her to make food less spicy as it won’t be good for her baby. Priyamani her maid asks her whether she is really pregnant or is she lying to which she gets angry and tells her that she is pregnant with Karthik’s baby only. Maid apologises.

Deepa is spreading sheets on the bed thinking about the happenings and her telling story to Shaurya and Hima when they suddenly come as a surprise and hug her. She hugs them back happily. But seeing Karthik there, her smile dies. She thinks whether he bought the babies to her and is going to leave them there with her. Karthik hopes for the kids to ask her to come home with them but then thinks that she won’t come because she is stubborn. Hima asks her as to why did she come here to which Deepa tells her that she wasn’t comfortable in that big house hence she came to this small house. Hima tells her that Karthik is not comfortable in this house. Deepa tells her he can stay wherever he wants.

Shaurya tells her that her teacher taught her that Mother cat changes her to many houses and then after six months abandons them asking them to search for their own food and Deepa is behaving the same. Hima says it’s good that they don’t have school otherwise their studies would have been affected. Karthik asks her whether she had her food to which she nods in yes. Karthik checks the bowl and gets to know that she didn’t had her food. He later tells them that he is going to stay with them.

Monitha wakes up from her sleep shouting. She then gets her senses back and calls her maid but then asks her to leave. She gets scared thinking that whether she will really die giving birth to her baby like she died in her nightmare. Later she gets happy thinking that the dying dream may hint good luck.

Karthik mixes rice with the curry and forwards it to Deepa who is lost in her thoughts. He confesses to her about hima and then he confesses about his love for Deepa and tells her that she is the only woman in his life and he wants to live with her and the children. Shaurya and Hima who came there gets happy hearing it. He asks her to say something and not stay quiet as it is killing him. The Screen Freezes On Deepa, Karthik, Hima and Shaurya.

Precap: Deepa asks him whether he can do something for her to which he gets excited and asks her whether she wants them to leave for foreign and live with him and kids. He asks her for her favourite spot but she asks him that wouldn’t it be injustice for Monitha making Karthik shocked.

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