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Khataron Ke Khiladi 18th July 2021 Written Update: elimination stunts

Khataron Ke Khiladi 18th July 2021 Written Update elimination stunts
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Khataron Ke Khiladi 18th July 2021 Written Update: elimination stunts

Khataron Ke Khiladi 18th July 2021 Written Update

Khataron Ke Khiladi Upcoming, Khataron Ke Khiladi 18th July 2021 Written Update: elimination stunts

The episode starts with the contestant having fun. Rohit asks Vishal who he thinks is his competitor. He chooses Saurabh. Rohit and everyone tease Vishal. Rohit says that there are 4 contestants but the stunt is one. He says that it is the first partner stunt of the season. Rohit announces the first stunt of the season. A chopper will be flying holding two giant balls with it.

Each ball holds ten flags and the contestant must hold on to the ball in the air and should collect the flags. Once collecting all the ten flags the contestant must jump into the water. In the partner stunt, each contestant will be present in each ball. The partner contestant for the stunt are Varun, Mahek and Sana, Vishal. Varun and Mahek perform the stunt first. Mahek falls down from the ball before she could collect all ten flags. Varun too falls down before collecting all the flags.

Khataron Ke Khiladi 18th July 2021 Written Update

They both are very much injured in the stunt. Next Vishal and Sana perform the stunt. Sana too falls in the water before collecting all the ten flags. Vishal too falls down after a long time. Rohit announces the result for partner stunt. He says that Varun and Sana collected 10 flags while Vishal and Sana too collected 10 flags. However, Varun and Sana completed it in 5 minutes and 53 seconds while Vishal and Sana completed it in 7 minutes and 23 seconds. Vishal and Sana gets fear Funda for the partner stunt.

Rohit announces the next stunt for the contestants with fear of Funda and the one who fails the stunt will go for elimination stunt. Rohit explains the next stunt for the season. A wheel half immersed in water is shown. The contestant will be tied to the wheel and must go and come out of the water as the wheel rotates. He says that the contestant must unlock themselves and it will stop rotating once the contestant unlocks themselves completely. After that, the contestant must swim and reach the finish point to complete the stunt. Rahul, Sana, and Vishal are selected as contestants for the stunt. Rahul performs the stunt but stops in middle. Rohit helps him and he continues to perform it.

Rahul completes the stunt with difficulty. Vishal performs the stunt next but couldn’t complete it. Next Sana performs the stunt and completes it too. Sana completed the stunt in 36 Seconds and becomes the winner of the stunt. Rahul and Sana get removed off their fear Funda tag. Vishal loses it for aborting the stunt. Rohit praises Divyanka and Sana and says Vishal is going to perform an elimination stunt.

The next stunt is for the remaining fear Funda contestants Anushka and Nikki. The contestant will be tied to a board and few animals will crawl on them. The eyes will be covered. The contestant must find out what’s the animal. If they guess it right at the first attempt then they will get three points. If they couldn’t they will be given a chance to touch the animal and guess the name but will get only one point. If they couldn’t find even after both the chance then they will be zero. The one who loses the stunt will compete with Vishal in the elimination stunt.

Anushka performs the stunt first. She completes the task by guessing most of the animals by touching them. Nikki performs next but she aborts due to her fear. Rohit scolds Nikki for her act. He advises them to trust them as they won’t let anything happen to their contestant. Nikki will perform an elimination stunt with Vishal.

Rohit announces the elimination stunt for Nikki and Vishal. A cold water tank is shown and the contestant must enter it with only one small space inside the tank.

The tank will be filled with catfishes and snakes. The contestant must collect the flag underwater. The contestant must use the cutter attached with the flag to cut the wires of the opening for them to come and complete the stunt. Vishal performs the stunt first and completes it successfully. Nikki aborts the task even before starting. Rohit asks contestants to decide if Nikki deserves another chance. 8 contestants vote against giving an opportunity for her while the others vote in her favor. Rohit calls Nikki and sends her home given her performance.Khataron Ke Khiladi 18th July 2021 Written Update.

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