Kim Kardashian Breaks Up With Pete Davidson?

Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian Breaks Up With Pete Davidson? Kim Kardashian’s heart was broken once again! A new relationship could not last even a year. American superstar Kim Kardashian is often in the headlines due to her hot looks and relationships. Kim had created a lot of discussion about her divorce from famous rapper Kanye West.

Now once again the actress is in the headlines and this time too her relationship is the reason for her being in the news. After separating from Kanye West, the actress was dating comedian and actor Pete Davidson, but if reports are to be believed, now there is a rift in their relationship.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim’s broken heart

According to media reports, famous actors Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have broken up. Both were dating each other for almost 9 months. According to foreign media reports, superstars Kim and Pete have parted ways this week.

However, no official information or statement has come out from both the stars regarding this. On one hand, Kardashian’s manager has refused to say anything on this matter, while Pete Davidson’s spokesperson has not reacted to it.

Pete-Kim met only last year

Kim and Pete’s relationship started last year i.e. in October 2021. Both liked each other very much. Let us tell you that during that time Kim was hosting ‘SLN’, while Pete appeared as a contestant in this comedy sketch show.

At the same time, the divorce case of Kim and rapper Kanye West is still going on in court. After separating from Kanye, she has often been spotted at different locations with 28-year-old Pete Davidson. He himself told that he is very happy in this relationship.

Marry thrice

Kim Kardashian has been married three times so far. The actress first married at the age of 19 with Damon Thomas in 2000. Both of them separated in 2004 after four years. Then Kim married Kris Humphries in 2011, and also parted ways with him in 2013.

Kim had a pompous wedding with Kanye West in 2014 in Italy. From this marriage, Kim also became the mother of four children. However, their marriage also could not last and in 2020 both of them decided to separate.

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