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Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2021 Written Update Pragya urging Pradeep to expose Tanu

Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2021 Written Update: Pradeep enters to engagement venue as a waiter to found the truth
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Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2021 Written Update Pragya urging Pradeep to expose Tanu

KumKum Bhagya The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Today’s episode starts with Pragya urging Pradeep to expose Tanu’s reality. She says to him that she has Tanu’s confession but she wants his confession. Pradeep says to Pragya that he is ready to tell Tanu’s truth as she betrayed him. Ranbir, Aryan bring Pradeep to the hall to present him in front of the judge. Pragya calls out for Prachi, Aliya, Riya and Mitali to show Tanu’s confession. Pradeep says his head is spinning. He says he wants to use washroom. Ranbir, Aryan looks at Pradeep. Pradeep says he will not escape anywhere. Pragya send Ranbir behind Pradeep. Ahead, Aliya, Tanu, Prachi and Mitali come. Pragya asks Aliya to call Judge. Aliya says she can’t connect with judge.

Further, Tanu come and Pragya asks her to remove her garland as she doesn’t deserve it. Tanu says to Pragya that she doesn’t deserve as the wedding decoration belongs to her. She adds now she will become Riya’s mother. Pragya ask Tanu to stay away from her daughters. Riya says to Tanu that she can’t become her mother. Tanu asks Riya not to be an emotional fool as Pragya only care for Prachi. Pragya asks Tanu to stop calling Riya her daughter. Abhi says he will tell who his daughter’s mother is.

Aliya says to Pragya that Judge mobile is connected. Judge asks Pragya what is the matter. Pragya asks Judge to give fair justice. Judge asks Pragya to show the proof. Pragya plays the confession and gets shocked to learn someone edited. Judge asks Pragya what drama is going on. Pragya asks Abhi if he left his mobile anywhere. Abhi says no. Mitali in the flashback think, how she asked Tanu to steal Abhi’s mobile so that she can delete the confession. Back to reality; Mitali and Aliya smirk. Pragya asks Judge to wait for a while as she has Tanu’s husband. Tanu, Aliya and Mitali gets shocked. Pradeep come. Pragya asks Pradeep to tell Judge how Tanu betrayed him. Pradeep changed her confession and tells to the judge that she is his sister-in law. Tanu thinks how smartly she confessed Pradeep to tell the lie. Back to reality; Tanu frame Pragya and tells to Judge that latter is trying to defame her. Judge asks Pragya to stop the drama. He asks Abhi to take care of Tanu as she is his responsibility now. Tanu smirk and says she is tired and needs some rest.

Afterwards, Abhi about to leave. Pragya stops Abhi and asks him to calm down. Abhi vents out at Pragya for making fool of him in front of everyone. He accused Pragya for running his life and forcing him to do wedding drama. Abhi says at the end he ended up marrying Tanu. Pragya cries post Abhi left. There, Abhi bump into Pallavi. Pallavi congratulate Abhi for marrying Pragya. Abhi informs Pallavi that he married Tanu. Pallavi stands shocked. Pragya asks Pallavi not to worry as there will not be any problem in Ranbir and Riya’s wedding. Tanu asks Pragya to leave as she will manage Riya’s wedding. Riya stops Pragya. Pragya says she will not go until Riya’s wedding will happen. Episode ends with Pragya looking for Abhi.

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