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Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2021 Written Update Pragya attends Pradeep’s call

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2021 Written Update: Tanu gets scared with her dreams
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Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2021 Written Update Pragya attends Pradeep’s call

KumKum Bhagya The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Pragya attends Pradeep’s call on Tanu Mobile. Pradeep asks why she was not picking his calls and tells her she can’t fool him like her ex husband and he asks her don’t forget that im your present and he questions why she is not responding. Pragya cuts the call. Pradeep again calls her. Tanu hears the mobile ring and she about to open the washroom door but she can’t because otherside Prachi holds the handle. Tanu asks if they locked it from outside. Saritha tells her no. Pragya notices Tanu’s photos with Pradeep in mobile and realises Pradeep is Tanu’s present husband. Saritha asks Prachi to leave the handle. Tanu comes out from bathroom and warns Prachi to stay away from her. Prachi makes Tanu fell down. Tanu rushes towards her phone than she sees Pragya and complains to her about Prachi. Pragya says Prachi can’t do it, you have to walk carefully. Tanu leaves telling she will show them who’s she after getting engaged to Abhi. Prachi asks Pragya if she found anything Tanu’s phone.

Rhea goes to Ranbir’s room. Ranbir wears his shirt and questions why didn’t she knock the room. Rhea says I knocked the door, seems like you didn’t listen but why you’re feeling so shy. Ranbir asks why she came. Rhea tells him Pallavi wants to talk with him and leaves telling good night to him. Ranbir video calls his mom. Pallavi asks when he is going to return. Ranbir says I informed to dad that I can’t return to home until chief problem get solved. Pallavi tells him their is good Muhurta for Marriage after 7 days and I know you’re one woman man once you get married. Ranbir cuts the call telling he is sleepy.

Pragya informs to Prachi and Saritha that Tanu’s still married to Pradeep name guy. Prachi says Tanu lied in court and if we prove that she didn’t divorced than this case get solved. Saritha asks Pragya to inform this matter to Abhi. Pragya leaves to meet Abhi with Prachi. Ranbir goes to Rhea room by knocking the door. Rhea says you’re my would be so don’t need to knock. Ranbir questions Rhea why she informed his words with Prachi to his Mom. Rhea says she don’t like his talks with Prachi and we are going to get married and even Prachi wants it. Ranbir tells her they can’t marry until her parents problems get solved.

Abhi interrupts Ranbir and Rhea discussion and tells them to marry quickly. Ranbir leaves saying he will marry once he is out court case. Abhi asks Rhea if their is any misunderstanding between them. Rhea says no, he lives me and want to get worried to me but he is just worried thinking about you. Abhi leaves saying fine. Tanu sees strain on her saree and thinks Saritha spoiled it intentionally than she sees her engagement card and feels happy that time she gets Pradeep call. Pradeep tells her he is worried. Tanu says don’t worry, you will get the money and I’m going to Doctor. Pradeep asks if she is going to Mr Mehra. Tanu agrees and cuts the call than she think Pradeep may think I’m cheating him because he don’t understand my feelings towards Abhi.

Pragya informs to everyone that Tanu’s married. Abhi says how to use this matter in their favour because I know Tanu won’t free me from this case completly. Everyone thinks how to prove Tanu’s lie. Prachi says they can prove Tanu’s lie with her phone by calling Pradeep here. Pragya says hope Tanu won’t do anything wrong in court because it’s tough to believe her. Abhi says we have to hide from Tanu that we found her Marriage truth until the engagement. Dadi prays to god for court hearing.

Court hearing gets started and Judge asks Raghuveer if he wants to submit any proofs. Raghuveer says no. Judge is about to announce something but Tanu interrupts him by telling she wanted respect which Abhi stealed from her and she can get that respect by marrying him. Mr Singhania tells to judge how Tanu accepted the Baljeet proposal and he request Judge to give them another hearing date after 10 days. Judge gives them hearing date after 10 days after knowing Abhi is ready to marry Tanu. Tanu thinks now noone can stop her Marriage.

Later Abhi feels angry at Tanu. Pragya asks him to stay cool saying they are with him. Aliya agrees with Pragya. Mitali says we have to get her phone during engagement time otherwise we have to search another option. Dadi says Aryan will steal Tanu’s mobile. Aryan says he is not thief. Ranbir says it’s secret mission than Aryan agrees. Pragya says no than Baljeet asks if she have any other plan. That time Abhi gets Tanu’s call.

Episode ends.

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