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Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2021 Written Update Rhea Prachi comes with New Plan

Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2021 Written Update: Tanu humiliates Pragya
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Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2021 Written Update Rhea Prachi comes with New Plan

KumKum Bhagya The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Abhi attends Tanu’s call and asks why she called him. Tanu reminds him about their deal and tells him that she loves him and indirectly warns him to behave properly with her during their engagement. Baljeet asks Abhi why she called him. Abhi tells them how Tanu is blackmailing him and he asks them to tell the plan. Prachi and Rhea says they can make Tanu drunk so she will confesses the truth in her inebriated state. Pragya scolds Rhea and Prachi and questions how they Knows about alcohol and all. Rhea and Prachi asks Abhi’s help. Abhi supports Rhea and Prachi. Baljeet asks them to concentrate on Tanu. Rhea and Prachi asks how is their plan B. Pragya agrees to plan B incase their original plan gets failed. Ranbir tells them he will make Tanu get drunk.

Shahana and Saritha discusses about Radhe movie. Tanu gets ready, that time she gets Pradeep call. Tanu receives the call and d him that she is unwell and at clinic. Pradeep says I’m outside the clinic and you’re not here, why you’re lying to me. Tanu manages him telling she already met Doctor and feeling drowzy because of medicine effect and she cuts the call telling him that she needs ready. Rhea video calls Pallavi. Pallavi tells to Rhea that they don’t wish to see Tanu and tells her that she and Vikram won’t attend the engagement. Rhea agrees. Pallavi asks her to send her selfie with Ranbir. Rhea agrees.

Baljeet asks everyone to act Infront of Tanu. Aliya and Mitali denies to behave nicely with Tanu. Pragya request Aliya to pretend Infront of Tanu for her brother. Aliya agrees. Mitali too agrees. Aliya says hope Tanu won’t doubt us. Baljeet tells them she will make Tanu believe. Shahana reaches to venue and goes to meet Prachi. Tanu arrives to farmhouse and asks won’t they welcome her. Dadi welcome her with Aarti. Prachi gets ready and Ranbir feels mesmerized seeing her. Shahana comes to them and she signs Ranbir what’s is he doing. Ranbir leaves. Shahana goes to Prachi and compares Ranbir love with Abhi.

Pragya sees Abhi in the balcony and asks him to get ready. Abhi asks her to come near him and tells her that he is feeling scared when she is far from him and tells her he always want her near to him. Pragya says you can’t separate Sugar and water and in the same way noone can separate us. Abhi says he understood.

Pragya asks him to get ready. Prachi asks Shahana to end her comparison. Shahana asks can’t she see Ranbir love. Prachi says I know it and I feel bad for it that’s why I’m avoiding it because my love story is incomplete unlike Mom and Dad. Shahana says it’s like their story but they can fight with anyone to stay together. Prachi says fighting with anyone is easy but Rhea is my sister. Pragya praises Abhi look. Abhi compares them with something than Pragya says let’s become Diya aur Baathi which don’t get separated. Abhi praises her thoughts. Pragya places brooch to his coat and both gets lost in eachother eyes.

Episode ends.

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