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Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2021 Written Update Tanu came to meet Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2021 Written Update: Pradeep enters to engagement venue as a waiter to found the truth
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Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2021 Written Update Tanu came to meet Abhi

KumKum Bhagya The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Ranbir and Aryan discusses about exercise while doing workout and Aryan left from that place saying he is tired. Rhea asks him to help her for weight training telling her helper didn’t came. Ranbir agrees and helps her but he leaves from that place noticing their closeness. Rhea thinks Ranbir Is perfect for her. Pragya prepares coffee. Abhi tells to her that he wants to prepare coffee for her because they are partners. Pragya thinks Dadi feels that he is lucky to get me but I’m lucky to have him.

Abhi gives her coffee. Pragya praises the taste of it. Abhi request for one sip but she denies but he insists her and tastes it but he spits it out and questions why she is praising the worst coffee. Pragya says you prepared it with love that’s why I loved it. Mitali interrupts their convo and informs them that Tanu came to meet Abhi. Abhi says let’s meet her. Pragya says she won’t like if she knows that I’m here so you go and meet her. Abhi agrees and goes to meet her. Mitali too leaves after sharing her fear with Pragya that Tanu might create blast.

Ranbir couldn’t get water in his washroom than he thinks to use Rhea washroom thinking she might take sometime in her workout. Abhi meets Tanu and asks why she came. Tanu asks Abhi to talk nicely with her as they are going to get married soon. Abhi will asks her what was her husband name? Tanu will gets shocked and says I always considered one person as my husband I.e Abhishek Prem Mehra. Abhi says it’s not answer to his question. Tanu says it’s not way to talk with her. Abhi asks her to teach him like she teached her husband. Tanu says don’t make me angry otherwise I will forget about our deal and you have to struck in jail.

Abhi tells her he don’t care than he thinks Pragya words that she can’t live without him. Tanu asks if he is serious. Abhi says no and I don’t want to rot in jail. Tanu says Mr Singhania informed me that our judge Is retiring in 6days so it’s better if we marry before he is getting his retirement. Abhi says it’s so early. Tanu says let’s celebrate 2events in one day than we can manage. Abhi asks her to give him sometime to think about it. Tanu leaves asking him to think quickly.

Ranbir enters Rhea room and sticks the chit on Door for Rhea telling he is using her washroom and asks her to don’t disturb him. Prachi enters room and asks Rhea if she wants to give her clothes to laundry. Soap gets slipped from Ranbir hand. Prachi thinks it’s Rhea and goes to washroom to give the soap. Ranbir thanks her. Prachi gets shocked and falls in the bathroom. Mitali enters Rhea room than he locks the door and she notices the note on door and asks him to inform Rhea to not come downstairs. Ranbir agrees, Mitali about to leave but she stops hearing Sneezing sound.

Pragya asks what happened. Abhi tells her Judge is retiring in 6 days so she wants to prepone the marriage. Pragya asks him to contact Aravind. Abhi contacts him and gets to know from Aravind that Pradeep’s last location was Abhi’s place only. Abhi asks for billing address. Aravind informs him all are online payments. Abhi asks him to Inform if he gets any details of Pradeep. Pragya says she hates me that’s why she wants to ruin your life and she cleverly escaped Pradeep from here without anyone’s knowledge.

Mitali tells to Ranbir that this much long note is not needed and you can keep simple note that don’t disturb and she removes it. Shower gets on by mistake, Prachi and Ranbir struck under the shower and than he turns it off and opens the door slightly. Mitali leaves from that place. Prachi about to leave but she goes to washroom again seeing Rhea. Ranbir asks her to tell Rhea about what happened. Prachi tells him Rhea won’t understand. Rhea cuts Dimpi call hearing sound from her washroom than she cuts the call and questions who’s in her washroom. Aliya asks Pragya and Abhi why Tanu came to their place. They explains about Tanu’s proposal. Aliya says it’s good if we get new judge. Pragya asks what if new judge won’t give us chance like this judge because Tanu had proofs unlike us. Abhi says you want me to marry her in these 5 days. Pragya tells him they don’t have other option.

Episode ends.

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