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Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2021 Written Update Abhi recalls Pragya’s word

Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2021 Written Update Abhi recalls Pragya’s word

KumKum Bhagya The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2021 Written Update.

Today’s episode starts with Abhi interrogating Tanu and Aliya. He shouts at both for not telling him about Pragya. Tanu questions Abhi, if Pragya was there than what he is doing here. Abhi recalls Pragya’s word. He reveals to Mehra’s that Pragya throw him out because of Tanu. Abhi adds he lied to Sushma that he loves Tanu and can’t live without her. Sushma instigated Pragya against him thus, she didn’t responded him. Tanu tries to instigate Abhi against Pragya. She tells to Abhi that Pragya is here to avenge him and latter hates him too. Aliya support Tanu against Pragya. Abhi refuses to believe Tanu. Tanu keeps provoking Abhi against Pragya. She adds Pragya only hates Abhi. Abhi asks Tanu to shut her mouth.

Tanu says to Abhi that Pragya is a changed person now who only hates him. Abhi recalls Pragya’s word and leaves the place. He recall Tanu’s word and think upon the same too. Abhi thinks why Pragya will avenge him. Mitali asks Baljeet if she should bring food. Baljeet refuses to have food. Mitali says to Baljeet that if she didn’t wanted to have food, than she should have told her earlier. Baljeet leaves the place. Pammi says to Mitali that she shouldn’t have talked like that with Baljeet.

Aliya asks Tanu if she think Abhi got influenced or not. Tanu says she think Abhi is provoked. Aliya and Tanu discuss how they plotted against Abhi and Pragya and created misunderstanding between them in the past. Baljeet, Mitali and Pammi comes. Aliya and Tanu avoid the talk.

There, Ranbir feed Prachi sandwich. Prachi says she has lots of work. Ranbir see shooting star. He asks Prachi to make a wish. Ranbir asks Prachi about her wish. Prachi says wish shouldn’t be revealed. Ranbir thinks why he feel something bad is going to happen.

Pragya and Abhi recall their moments with each other. Sushma asks Pragya not to waste tears for Abhi. Pragya thinks Abhi’s so far promise was a lie as he always wanted Tanu in his life. Here, Abhi thinks why Pragya hate him so much. He decides to figure out.

Later, a small girl drops specs on Abhi. Abhi sees the specs and recall his moments with Pragya. He gets teary [tum hi ho] song plays in the background. There, Pragya learned about Mehra mansion auction. She confront Sushma about planning auction without informing her. Sushma says she wants to sell Mehra Mansion to buy peace for her, which she lost post seeing her husband. [Episode Ends]Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2021 Written Update.

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