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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Samaira getting furious seeing Kuldeep and Shubhra together. She thinks about taking revenge and showing Shubhra her place. She also gets angry on Kuldeep and decides to teach him a lesson. She enters her room being infuriated and doubts Kuldeep’s intentions. She questions herself about his behaviour. At that time she imagines Shubhra’s voice taunting her. She gets enraged and was about to break the mirror, when she heard Kuldeep’s voice and hurridly goes to the bed. She pretends to sleep, whereas Kuldeep silently enters inside the room and gets on the bed to sleep. Later, she looks at his face and thinks about her plan to make him pay.

Here, Roli does Shubhra’s makeup. Shubhra shows her gratitude towards her kids and goes to meet her parents. Meanwhile, Narayan and Madhura comes there and wishes Shubhra for her birthday. They shower her with blessings and gift. Madhura gets emotional, whereas Rishi ask for the party. Narayan announces a birthday party for Shubhra from his side. Everyone gets elated, but Shubhra tries to deny it. Narayan stays firm on his decision and embraces Shubhra showing his love towards her.

Rishi informs Harsh about Shubhra’s birthday. He insists Rishi to help him in getting gift for her. He bribes Rishi with icecream in order to get his help, while Rishi finally agrees to assist him.

Ahead, Chandrani comes inside Shubhra’s room and sings a birthday song for her. She feeds sweets to Shubhra and does her Aarti. Shubhra feels contented and then senses Chandrani’s turmoil and ask her about the matter. Chandrani gets sentimental and states that Shubhra must have felt bad seeing the bangles in Samaira’s hand. She tries to explain herself, but Shubhra stops her saying that they have a special bond. She states that Chandrani doesn’t have to clearify herself. She cheers her mood and then both hugs eachother. Shubhra notify Chandrani about Kuldeep and kids surprise and then informs her about the party which Narayan is throwing for her. Chandrani decides to trouble Narayan, while Shubhra laughs hearing her plan.

Kuldeep selects a ring to gift Shubhra. At that time Chandrani comes there and teases him. She confronts him about the night suprise for Shubhra and says that she have her eyes on him. She motivates him and ask him to be with Shubhra, while he smiles at her.

Elsewhere, Samaira thinks about her plan while doing excercise. Phirki gets tired and falls down on the mat. She apprises Samaira about Shubhra’s birthday party and instigates him against Kuldeep. She advices her to keep an eye on Kuldeep, whereas Samaira thinks about her revenge.

Kuldeep enters his room and gets shocked seeing Samaira ready for the party. He hides his gift for Shubhra, while Samaira ask him to get ready fast in order to reach Shubhra’s birthday party. He gets stunned, while she confronts him about Shubhra’s birthday. She lies that Shubhra have herself invited her and they had a deep conversation regarding their life. She advices Kuldeep to move on, while he keeps looking at her. He warns her not to do any drama in the party, whereas she gets angry on him for doubting her. She gives him his attire and ask him to get ready.

Kuldeep goes aside, while Samaira keeps styling her hair. He silently keeps the gift inside his pocket, but Samaira notices it. He gets inside to fresh and up, while Samaira checks his pocket and gets furious seeing the ring. She calms herself stating that soon she will make them pay for their mistake.

The end.

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