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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 31st May 2021 Written Update: Chandrani slaps Kuldeep
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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Kuldeep stopping Rishi from going along with Harsh. He forces him to return but Rishi stays adamant. Kuldeep gets angry and warns him, while latter faces him courageously asking if he will again slap him like he did in front of Samaira? Rishi also says that he have seen Kuldeep beating Harsh, whereas he gets stunned. Rishi praises Harsh’s nature and states that he haven’t told anyone about the incident. Rishi insists Kuldeep to apologise to Harsh but Kuldeep grows furious. Rishi moves back towards Harsh declaring that he will stay with him. Kuldeep was about to force him again but Harsh stops him by holding his hand. Both glares eachother, while Harsh ask Rishi to go inside the room. Rishi agrees and goes from there.

Ahead, Harsh faces Kuldeep and warns him to stay in his limits. He says that he couldn’t have replied Kuldeep in his language but for now he consider him as his patient’s father and so don’t want to cross the line. He tries to make him understand that Rishi is in depression and needs treatment. At that time Shubhra comes there and hears their conversation. She gets shocked learning that Kuldeep had beaten Harsh and confronts him.

Harsh notices Rishi coming out of the room. He signals Shubhra, while she gets silent. Rishi comes towards them and requests Shubhra not to force him to get back. She smiles at him and states that she is here to wish goodnight to him and warns Harsh regarding Rishi’s weird sleeping habit. Harsh laughs and goes inside him room with Rishi.

Shubhra glares Kuldeep and moves from there but he blocks her way. He says that he is here to mend his relationship with the childrens and scolds her for sending Rishi with a stranger. He keeps doubting her relationship with Harsh and states that he is not Rishi’s father. Shubhra gives him a disgusted look and says that she regrets marrying him. She reminds him his mistakes and ask him to question himself. Whereas, he gets irated and says that she just sees his sins.

Later, Shubhra plays with Roli and then makes her sleep. She sings lullaby for her, whereas Kuldeep tries to talk to her but then stops and looks at them.

Narayan sings song for Madhura and walks around the pool. They sees Rishi and Harsh playing with eachother. Rishi comes towards them happily and ask who won the race? Narayan declares Rishi as the winner. Ahead, he ask Rishi to sleep, while he notify them about the matter and says that he is sleeping with Harsh. Madhura proclaims that she will make him sleep and ask Rishi not to disturb Harsh. Rishi apologises to him and gets sad, but Harsh assures him and says that he won’t have any problem.

Harsh and Rishi leaves from there. At that time Chandrani arrives and tries to provoke Madhura and Narayan against Harsh. She says that Shubhra have given too much of liberty to Harsh. Narayan replies her back and supports Harsh. He blames Kuldeep for being careless and insists Chandrani to look beyond her love for Kuldeep.

Kuldeep looks at Shubhra, who works on her jewelleries. He goes towards her being restless, while she ask rebukes him showing Roli who was sleeping in the room. Kuldeep questions Shubhra that why she have sended Rishi along with Harsh? To which she feels annoyed and ignores him. He grabs her hand making the pearl box fall from her hand. She gets furious at her and starts picking the pearls. He tries to help her but she stopped him. Ahead, he keeps troubling her in name of being her husband, while she faces him and declares that she regrets loving and marrying him. She ask him to be greatful to Harsh as he is helping Rishi and scolds him for beating Harsh. Whereas, he feels dejected.

Elsewhere, Shubhra goes towards Harsh’s room. She greeted him while he welcomes her inside. She sees Rishi sleeping and caresses his head. She shows her gratitude towards Harsh for doing so much and then apologises to him regarding Kuldeep’s behaviour. Ahead, she feels hesitant but still ask him to recommend some other therapist for Rishi as Kuldeep always tries to defame and insult Harsh. She says that he don’t have to bear all this for them, to which Harsh smiles and says that he himself have gone through a lots of trauma. He apprises Shubhra about his past condition and says that he always tries to bring kids out of their depression. He states that he can’t leave Rishi before his recovery, while Shubhra listens to him carefully.

The end.

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