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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 31st May 2021 Written Update: Chandrani slaps Kuldeep
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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Harsh telling that he can see himself in Rishi and that is why he wants to help him. Shubhra hears his explanation and then tries to wake Rishi up. She tickles making him laugh, while Harsh smiles seeing them. Further, they bids adieu to Harsh and goes, whereas he keeps adoring their bond.

Here, Roli talks to Samaira on video call. Samaira instigates him against Rishi, while Shubhra and Rishi comes there at that time. Shubhra gets furious hearing the conversation and takes the phone. She goes aside and warns Samaira not to interfere in between her kids. She states that Rishi and Roli loves eachother and ask her not to create rift in between them. She orders Samaira to stay out of their life and cuts the call when Samaira was about to say something. She gets irated by Shubhra’s behaviour.

Chandrani notify Narayan and Madhura about Kuldeep’s love for his kids specially Roli. She praises him in front of them. At that time Shubhra comes there and takes their blessings. Madhura ask about Roli, while Shubhra apprises her about Roli’s condition.

Samaira calls Kuldeep and rebukes him for letting Shubhra insult her. She ask him to scold Shubhra instantly. She behaves like a maniac, while Kuldeep gets frustrated with her behaviour. He tries to interrupt her but she order him to do as per her saying. She ask him to record the scenario when he will teach Shubhra a lesson, he gets annoyed and cuts the call. Samaira gets furious and again calls him. They both gets into an argument.

Ahead, Shubhra was passing by Kuldeep and sees him in danger. Kuldeep being busy in argument doesn’t notices the huge stuffs which were about to fall upon him. Shubhra runs towards him to save him. She pushes him down and falls back due to the force. The stuff collapses on Shubhra’s hand making her injured. Narayan, Chandrani and Madhura witnesses the scenario and gets shocked. They runs towards Shubhra, while Kuldeep also moves towards her to help her. Narayan scolds her for risking her life for Kuldeep and warns Kuldeep to stay away from her, when he comes forward to aid her. She winces in pain and goes along with her parents. Chandrani makes Kuldeep understand the value of Shubhra, while he nods agreeing to her words.

Kuldeep realises his mistakes and sees flashes of Shubhra’s moments with Harsh. He remembers how he accused her and regrets it. He sees God’s idol and confesses his mistakes. He ask God’s help to apologise to Shubhra for his deeds. He hopes to get a chance to rectify.

Further, Kuldeep gets Samaira’s call. She declares that she should have to be the most important person in his life. She insists to talk to Roli, while he replies that she is with Shubhra. Samaira gets irated and scolds him for leaving her with Shubhra. She starts doubting on him and questions if he also stays with Shubhra? He denies her allegations but atlast gets frustrated with her behaviour and states that he don’t want to avoid Shubhra and hangs the call. Samaira determines herself to remove Shubhra from her life and thinks about a plan.

Harsh gives medicines to Shubhra and ask her to take care of herself. Rishi gets worried for her, while Harsh assures him. Elsewhere, Kuldeep decides to meet Shubhra. He gathers courage to face her but then goes towards the garden and plucks some flowers for her. He smiles remembering how he have impressed her in their college days.

Shubhra tries to take painkiybut the medicine drops down from her hand. Harsh and Chandrani moves their hands to pick it up for her. But, Harsh reaches it first and gives it to Shubhra. Whereas, Chandrani feels upset seeing their closeness.

Samaira enters inside the hotel with full preparation. She dances along with orchestra and faces Shubhra. She tries to make her jealous by notifying her about the ring which she gifted to Kuldeep. She states that he have thrown Shubhra’s ring and have worn hers. Shubhra smiles at her and congratulated Kuldeep. She ask them to go for their honeymoon and warns Samaira to stay away from her life and kids.

The end.

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