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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update…..

The episode starts with Shubhra’s parents and Chandrani discussing about Samaira’s motive. They thinks that she must have some plan to trouble Shubhra and warns her to be aware. Shubhra gets frustrated and ask them not to talk about Samaira. Narayan blames Chandrani stating that her son Kuldeep is the reason for Shubhra’s problems. Shubhra ask him not to say anything to Chandrani and goes out from there.

Here, Roli and Rishi sees Shubhra and feels bad for her state. They curses Samaira for troubling their mother. Roli says that Samaira have again changed into evil. They both worries for Shubhra and thinks about keeping Samaira away from her.

Narayan ask Chandrani to directly talk to Kuldeep and ask about Samaira’s motive. Madhura supports him and insists Chandrani to help them. Meanwhile, Chandrani gets into thinking.

Elsewhere, Shubhra goes out and sits on a chair. She sees Harsh, while he gets up and was about to leave from there but Shubhra stops him. He sits back and ask about her problem. He questions that if she is worried thinking about Kuldeep’s problem? To which she replies that she don’t have any rights on Kuldeep and so is not bother about him. She states that Samaira wanted to talk to her in personal and is troubling her for the same. Harsh advice her to have a talk with Samaira and end the matter. Shubhra says that she can’t bear Samaira and so Harsh ask her to not think about them.

Chandrani goes inside Samaira’s room. Kuldeep tries to talk to her but she avoids him. Samaira insists Kuldeep to make her agree to convince Shubhra in order to talk to her. Samaira says that she have something really important to tell Shubhra and she can’t say to anyone else except for her. Chandrani somehow agrees to convey the message to Shubhra and then warns Samaira not to hurt Shubhra orelse she won’t leave her.

Ahead, Roli locks her inside the room. Rishi ask her to open the door, while Shubhra also joins him. Roli says that she is scared that Samaira will take her back to Mumbai. Shubhra assures her that she will always protect her, Rishi also consoles Roli and ask her have trust on Shubhra. Roli opens the door, while Shubhra hugs both her kids. She then remembers Harsh’s advice and decides to talk to Samaira.

Shubhra gets inside Samaira’s room,while latter gets happy and makes her sit. She sits besides Shubhra along with Kuldeep and regrets about her sins. Shubhra gets frustrated with her conversation and was about to leave, when Samaira reveals that she is pregnant. She places Kuldeep’s hand on her stomach and says that she wanted to tell about it to her first. She says that as Shubhra can do anything for her kids, she also will do anything for her baby. Shubhra ask that why is she telling about it to her? To which Samaira replies that she wanted Shubhra permission. She says that she have become a mother previously also but that was forced one. Shubhra questions that when Samaira doesn’t asked for her permission while having affair with Kuldeep then why she wants permission now? Whereas, Kuldeep goes towards the balcony being frustrated. He listen to their conversation being lost. Shubhra questions Samaira, while she apologises for her mistakes. She starts her emotional drama and goes towards Kuldeep, while Shubhra taunts her for her acting.

Samaira ask if Shubhra doesn’t believe her? She shows her pregnancy reports to Shubhra and then goes out asking Shubhra to wait. Kuldeep faces Shubhra and was about to say something but she prohibits him and moves away. Samaira comes there with a pregnancy kit and shows the positive result. She insists Shubhra to sign the divorce papers so that she can marry Kuldeep and her child can be legitimate. Samaira forces Kuldeep to make Shubhra understand while he stays silent. Shubhra states that Samaira must be having divorce papers, to which Samaira smirks and nods positively. She ask Kuldeep to bring the papers and then gives it to Shubhra, while she signs it. Kuldeep keeps looking at Shubhra, whereas she ask them to leave as soon as possible. She goes out, while Samaira hugs Kuldeep being elated.

Further, Shubhra’s parents and Chandrani ask Shubhra about her conversation with Samaira. She notify them that she asked her to sign the divorce papers. She tells that she have signed it, to which Chandrani questions that why Samaira wanted to have a personal conversation with her? Shubhra replies that Samaira is pregnant. Everyone gets shocked, while Chandrani denies to accept Samaira’s child as her grandchildren. She says that it must be Samaira plan, to which Shubhra replies that this time Samaira is saying the truth. Chandrani praises Shubhra for her sacrificing nature, while Madhura states that finally Shubhra is free from that relationship. Narayan encourages Shubhra and declares that he is proud of her. They all hugs her making her smile.

Kuldeep checks divorce papers, when Samaira comes there and snatches it from him. He feels headache and takes medicine, while she ask if he is worried about Shubhra? She taunts him, to which he ask her not to stress herself in pregnancy. He makes her sit on the bed and brings juice for her. He gives juice to her but she doubts that he have spiked her drink and ask to drink it first. He gets frustrated with and scolds her. She behaves like a maniac making him irked. Then she apologises and hugs him.

Here, Shubhra gets inside her room and removes her nuptial chain. She remembers all the sweet and bitter moments with Kuldeep “Naina plays.” She gets teary eyes, at that time she sees her reflection on the mirror. The reflection ask her that how is she feeling? To which Shubhra replies that she is feeling light. The reflection questions that if ever she have imagined herself without the nuptial chain? And ask that how she will continue her life? Shubhra replies that the nuptial chain was just binding her to old relationships and states that it’s time to return it and move on in her life. Later, she smiles looking at her reflection.

The end.

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