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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 24th May 2021 Written Update

क्यूं उत्तरा दिल छोड आय 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: क्या भानु को उस गलती का एहसास होगा जो वह कर रहा है?
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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 24th May 2021 Written Update

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Saroj forcefully taking Amrit with her. Amrit asks her to leave her hand. Saroj scolds her that she is defaming her family by persuing her love for Randhir even after marriage.

Lala comes there and says I came to find one, and found the other one here, you have hidden a beautiful girl here. Randhir talks to Nalini. She asks are you fine, I m asking you about the press conference, you are saying about the campaign. Veer comes and says Randhir will do everything well, don’t worry. Randhir says yes. He thinks why didn’t Amrit come till now. Veer plays song and dances with Randhir. He says don’t worry, I m with you, don’t look at the door, I would have gone to my love if I was in your place, my love isn’t mine, I gave the rights to you, go to Amrit, I will handle Nalini. He asks Randhir to go.

Nalini says I have work with him.Veer says I m there for you, come, Randhir is going for a small work. He dances with Nalini and Vijender. Amrit asks Lala to leave, there is no man present in the house. He says I don’t want to talk to any man, I have to take either of you to my house, else how will I run my business, who will come with me. He catches Saroj and Amrit. Saroj runs away. Amrit shouts. Lala says she is smart to run away, we wanted a beautiful girl. He catches Amrit. Amrit hits on his head. He asks him to come along. She asks Saroj to call someone for help. Randhir comes there and beats Lala and goons.

Randhir scolds Lala and says I will not leave you now. He gets too angry and takes a knife. He says don’t dare, get out from here. Lala and goon leaves. Randhir says Amrit… She stops him. He says I m relieved you are fine. She says you came on time. He says time didn’t let me reach here on time, else days would have been something else. She goes and knocks the door. Saroj says go from here, take Amrit with you. Randhir gets angry and breaks the door. Saroj sees him. He says I didn’t see a selfish woman like you.

Vijender asks is everything fine, what are you hiding. Veer says nothing. Vijender says you can share things with me, your betterment and happiness are first for me. Veer asks him not to worry, everything is fine. Uday and Vashma have a talk. She says we can’t stay here for long, anyone can inform Lala about us. Mohan is in the corridor. Uday says we will go away once this matter ends. She says you can’t leave Amrit alone here, this isn’t a solution to go away. He pacifies her. He says trust me, we will stay together always, I will just come and then sing a lovely song for you. He goes. She gets shocked seeing someone. Randhir scolds Saroj a lot. Bhanu comes. Saroj asks Randhir to leave Amrit on her state, Amrit is forced to be with him when she is with her husband. Randhir scolds Saroj and Bhanu also. He says you should have told me the truth that day, I know it well that Amrit and Veer aren’t married, you both cheated me.

Saroj says she is Veer’s wife for the world, she has lived with Veer, if she runs away with you, then what will be her character. He says you should be ashamed to use such words for Amrit, you will be disrespected as well, no one will come to help you, think if this happens with you, if you get insulted, then you will realize it, I didn’t see a liar and cheater like you. Bhanu asks him to stop it now. Randhir says wow Bhanu, you can’t hear this about your wife, you heard everything what she said about your sister’s character. Amrit asks Randhir to leave.

Uday comes from a bath. He calls out Vashma. He asks where did you go. He looks for her. Here, Amrit says to Randhir how Saroj is right. Amrit says even after Veer leaves her, Randhir will be questioned by everyone because you are marrying me a married woman. Randhir says it’s not like that. Randhir sings a song to make Amrit convince and smile. Suddenly Uday comes and seeing him panic, Amrit worries. Amrit says if anyone sees you out then it will be trouble. Uday says I know I shouldn’t have come out but there is a big problem as I am unable to find Vashma. Amrit and Randhir also panic. Randhir says we will find Vashma. They all three call out Vashma inside the Mahal. Nalini comes and asks whom are you finding? They all are quite. Veer says I will tell you, Vashma is Amrit’s friend and Uday’s fiance. Veer says don’t worry I took her with me to show the mahal. Uday says but where is Vashma? Veer says she is infront of you only. Uday is shocked to see changed look of Vashma. Veer says she came to meet Amrit but I made her stay. Nalini leaves with Randhir to discuss something. Veer says now you can know without worrying about getting caught. Vashma praises Veer. Veer says now get ready to marry. Everyone is surprised.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veee plans on marrying Uday and Vashma while separating Randhir and Amrit.

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