Leo to Taurus: See zodiac signs who are always disappointed with life no matter how successful they are

It is rightly believed that self-satisfaction is a peace of mind that only highly evolved individuals possess. After all a lot of us constantly strive for success in our careers, personal life and other aspects while never quite feeling satisfied till we achieve our goals. Yet, there are some star signs who are not even pleased when they finally meet their targets in life. From Leo to Taurus, see some zodiac signs who always disappointed with life no matter how successful they are.


Some zodiac fire signs like the lion hope to master every facet of life right from a thriving social life to success in their careers and even a pleasing personal life. However, it is impossible for one individual to experience success and every element of their life all the time. Therefore, Leo stays disappointed when even one of these are in flux and not going as per plan. Their frustration causes them to lash out at loved ones causing further problems.

leo fire sign


This Zodiac Earth sign tends to have an understanding partner and family; however, they themselves have very high expectations of themselves. And hence, tend to burden themselves with unnecessary responsibility. No matter how successful they are in their chosen field of work, they always hope to do more professionally and are never quite satisfied. At times, they feel disillusioned with the future of one industry and tend to swap their job midway, giving up on all the hard work they have done so far.

taurus earth sign


Sagittarius suffers from the problem of envy, as they tend to compare their own success with that of their professional peers or counterparts in life. They then feel that they are lacking and this makes them grumpy and frustrated. Sagittarius tends to resent loved ones resulting in them blaming their wife or family members for bringing them down in their careers.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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