LG Rollable Smartphone: Screen will get bigger and smaller just by touching

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LG Rollable Smartphone: In the market these days Foldable And Flip Smartphones dominate. However, soon the Rollable phone is also going to knock on the market. Recently, information was received through a report that Samsung company is going to bring rollable phone market. But before Samsung, the LG company introduced a wonderfully designed rollable phone in the market. Yes, the LG company first introduced the LG Rollable phone during the CES 2021 press conference.

However, the company closed its smartphone business even before launching this uniquely designed LG Rollable phone. In such a situation, users are left unaware of the amazing design of this unique phone. However, now a Korean YouTuber has shared the unboxing video of this rollable smartphone on his Youtube channel. In this unboxing video, not only the full look of the phone has been revealed, but all the features of the phone have also been given in detail.

A Korean YouTuber has shared the unboxing video of the LG Rollable smartphone on his Youtube channel. The unique design of the phone has been seen in this video. To expand the display of this phone as a tablet, only a three-finger swipe is needed. Uniquely, the display of this LG smartphone expands after a three-finger swipe and you can use the phone as a tablet. Accessories like an LG charging adapter and charging cable have been seen with the phone in the unboxing video.

Features of LG Rollable Smartphone

As we mentioned in the video, along with the expandable design of the phone, the main features of the phone have also been given. This phone has a 6.8-inch flexible POLED display, which can be expanded up to 7.4 inches with a three-finger swipe. Apart from this, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor has been given in the phone, with which 12GB RAM and 256GB storage is available. For photography, this LG rollable phone has a 64MP camera, with which OIS support is available. It also includes a 12MP ultra-wide angle sensor. The battery of the phone is 4,500mAh.

Last year in 2021, LG announced that it was shutting down its smartphone business. A statement was issued saying that this decision of the company will help the company to focus on other areas such as electric vehicles, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence, etc.

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