Low Sugar Diet: Health Benefits and Risks

Low Sugar Diet: Health Benefits and Risks
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Low Sugar Diet: Health Benefits and Risks: A low sugar diet is always advisable for weight loss or other health benefits. If you’re working out, on a keto diet, or trying to have a balanced and nutritious diet, limiting sugar intake is very important. Low sugar intake has innumerable health benefits but it’s important to know what a low sugar diet is. There are certain things that are allowed and others that aren’t.

Low Sugar Diet: Health Benefits and Risks

Low Sugar Diet

The foods that can be a part of your low sugar diet are green leafy vegetables, fruits (citrus and berries), whole grains, beans and legumes, fatty fish, herbs and spices, lean proteins, nuts and seeds, and sweet potatoes. All these foods contain less sugar, lower calories, and are nutrient-rich. They contain important antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals such as zinc and potassium that help us boost our immunity and reduce the risk of various chronic and high-risk diseases. In addition to that, these foods help maintain blood sugar levels.

Avoid these foods to regulate sugar level

A lot of foods that we consume on a daily basis without looking at the sugar levels cause immense harm and shouldn’t be a part of our diet plan. Fruits that have a high glycemic index scale, white bread or white flour (maida), refined or processed sugar, fizzy and sugary drinks, packaged food (chips, biscuits, etcetera), too much alcohol are all foods that contain high sugar levels and impact your blood sugar levels immensely.

Low Sugar Diet Benefits

A low sugar diet helps you reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and sugar. It helps in weight loss and improves cardiovascular health. The good cholesterol levels go up and bad cholesterol levels fall that help reduce the risk of heart stroke. Such a diet also helps regulate your mood and improve mental health, reduce inflammations in the body and help improve your skin health.

Risks of Low Sugar Diet

However, low sugar diets sometimes lead to eating disorders that can further turn into headaches, tiredness, and weakness due to the drop in glucose levels in your body. When such a scenario happens, eat fruits like apples, bananas, or oranges. They are the best source of natural sugars.

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