Luna female character will soon come to Free Fire MAX, will have this special ability


Free Fire MAX:  A new season is about to come for the battle royale game. With the OB37 update, a new female character Luna may be added to the game. Information about this character has been leaked. This upcoming female character of Free Fire Max will come with many new abilities. This character will help gamers to increase the kill and death ratio (K/D ratio) as well as rank during the match. Game developers were working on these characters for a long time. Come, know about this new Luna character of Free Fire Max…

Luna’s Special Ability

This female character of Free Fire Max will come under the passive character list, for which there will be no time duration set. The character is inspired by popular Thai actress Yaya Yurasaya. Luna will have a special passive activity called Fight-or-Fight. With this capability, Luna will improve the weapon’s firing rate. Along with this, the speed of movement of players will also increase.

Free Fire MAX players will be able to use this character to increase the hit ratio on the weapon’s damage. However, using this character reduces the firing rate. This character is specifically for assault rifles and shotguns, which will inflict large amounts of damage on the opposing team. This Free Fire Max character will be available on the store at the end of the in-game event.

Ability will increase at every level

Gamers can use character vouchers to get this Luna character. Upgrading characters’ abilities will help players push up the ranks and play in unranked matches. Come, know about the abilities of each level of Luna character…

The maximum firing rate of this character at the first level is 12.5. At the same time, the maximum movement speed remains 10. At the same time, at the second level, the maximum firing rate will be 15, while the maximum movement speed increases to 12. At level 3, Luna’s maximum firing rate drops to 17.5, while the movement speed drops to 14. Similarly, increasing the level increases the maximum firing rate by 2.5 and the maximum speed by 2. Luna’s maximum level is 6.